Comma (2000)


Copyright © 2000 by Tom Law


pan flute, organ, bass, percussion


guitar, clarinet, synth, percussion


synth, guitar, pan flute

Green Eyes Sparkled

bass, percussion, pan flute, piano


vibraphone, bass, percussion, clavinet


percussion, strings, guitar, synth, pan flute

Mourning Cloak

percussion, oboe, electric piano, bass, harpsichord, synth

Canadian Tiger

percussion, synth, bass, strings

Calling; Waiting

percussion, bass, strings


guitar, circus organ, pan flute, percussion, synth

These are my favorite selections from the three Spring Dance Concerts* that I scored for Hand Middle School during the '90's:
  • The Sea Serpent's Daughter
  • Aesop's Fables
  • The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe
At least one of my two stepdaughters was in each production, and the choreographer was my friend Wrenn Cook. I had a mess of fun each time, trying to come up with 60 minutes of music in about a month. It's a great way to work.

As I recall, I used the stock sounds on a Boss Dr. Synth, almost always emulating real instruments... and Dr. T's excellent KCS sequencer on my trusty Amiga.

* I actually did a 4th score for them (Puff the Magic Dragon)(!), but my time was limited that year, so I mostly used MIDI files of works by Monteverdi, Scarlatti, and Vivaldi that other folks around the world had created and posted online. (I did get permission!) It was still fun, rearranging parts drastically and using completely inauthentic instrumentation, sometimes even adding drum parts. I also used one MIDI file of King Crimson for a crowd scene, and composed original music for the pirate captain's big dance (performed by my daughter Burgess!).

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