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THE BLEND (All Vinyl Everything)
presented by Love, Peace, & Hip Hop

Love, Peace, & Hip Hop is back again with THE BLEND (ALL VINYL EVERYTHING) coming DECEMBER 21, 2013 to Conundrum Music Hall (West Columbia).

From the warmth of the sound, the crackle and feel, to the distinctive characteristics of the look; nothing brings music to its roots like a DJ and a vinyl record. In May 2013, LPHH debuted THE BLEND with 6 different DJ's doing ALL VINYL SETS. The amount of smiles, praise, and enjoyment people had that night only made it right t o bring it back again.....DJ's & Vinyl

The Blend (All Vinyl Everything) celebrates this. No Controllers, Tablets, or Laptops will be used; THE BLEND (All Vinyl Everything) is straightforwardly Turntables, Mixers, and WAX!!! From Hip Hop & Funk, to Rock, Soul & all in between; THE BLEND (All Vinyl Everything) puts the MUSIC before everything.

For more info: (803) 546-2319

Saturday, December 21 2013
(doors at 8pm)

Youngster ~~~ Legggs ~~~ Mr. Gold ~~~ hey, lightning

Youngster -

Legggs -

Mr. Gold -

hey, lightning -

Friday, December 20 2013
8:30pm (doors at 8pm)

Dave Stone
with Caleb Synan, Jenn Snyder, and Wayne Cousins

Dave is so funny and it is a pleasure to welcome him back home to the South!

Based in Los Angeles by way of Atlanta, Dave was named one of the "12 Comics to Watch" for 2013 by LA Weekly. Dave was a semi-finalist in CMT's "Next Big Comic" in 2012 and in 2010 was named one of the top 8 up-and-coming comics in the country by Dave can be heard voicing several characte rs on Adult Swim's hit animated series "Squidbillies" on the Cartoon Network and is a co-founding member of the nationally acclaimed "Beards of Comedy Tour", who recently released their sophomor e album "Cardio Mix" on Comedy Central Records and their web series "Beards Across America" has received over 1,000,000 views on Since 2008, Dave has spent 175+ days a year on the road, sharing stages with some of the industry's brightest stars, such as Brian Regan, Patton Oswalt, Maria Bamford, Doug Benson, Marc Maron, Greg Proops and John Mulaney. Dave's laid back and self-d eprecating style make him a hit with a wide variety of audiences, transcending age, race, class, gender, height and weight.

Wednesday, December 18 2013
9pm (doors at 8pm)

Keith E. Bates & Friends! A Birthday Bash!!

Keith sez: It's Birthday time and some of us never get our due!! So, I'm having my own party with my musical friends!! Gonna be a great night of Music, Jams & FUN!!

JeaneePaintsLive... may even have a canvas or two. The evening will be filled with surprises. You've been to other events we have hosted... and we always have fun! We'll be jammin and havin a gr eat time! Performers will be announced as they are confirmed. Just $5 cover for an evening of celebration and music! ! It'll be a great night!

So far we have Keith E. Bates, Duba Band, Frederick Ingram, Dean F. Cook, Mark Rogers, Brian Pyle, Leon Godfrey & Chris Compton(tentative), THE Dubber & Jeanee Bourque will paint live to music!! More info coming!!

Sunday, December 15 2013
8pm (doors at 7:30pm)

lowercase gods ~~~
Däng ~~~
Lenoir Swingers Club

Saturday, December 14, 2013
9pm (doors at 8:30pm)

Callosum ~~~ DLKYRE ~~~ Stumbl3

Callosum's CD release show!

Friday the 13! December 2013
9pm (doors at 8:30pm)

Bombadil ~~~ Trey Mumz and the Murphettes ~~~ Grimoires

Bombadil is a Durham based band whose music is a quirky, sophisticated twist on vintage pop, indie rock and alt/country, and are managed by the same team who manage the Ave tt Brothers. " indie record done right," "...a combination of open-minded chamber folk and the bright and sunny pop music of the 1960s," "...sounds like the folk/rock 'Sgt. Pepper's,'" and "...everything an indie record should be," are just some of the comments from writers about the band's most recent album, 'Metrics of Affection.'

Some Recent Bombadil Press:
NPR Weekend Edition
NPR Mountain Stage Radio Show
Rolling Stone Video Premiere

Thursday, December 12 2013
8:30pm (doors at 8pm)

Yosef ~~~ Small Sanctions ~~~ Triathalon ~~~ MyBrother MySister

Sunday, December 8 2013
8:30pm (doors at 8pm)

Redbird 7th Anniversary Celebration, featuring Fairplay

Saturday, December 7 2013
7pm (doors at 6:30pm)

Mind Over Matter Music Over Mind ~~~ Nathan Halverson / Greg Stuart ~~~ about.theWindow

Mind Over Matter Music Over Mind: Experiment Sound Art, Washington, DC

Nathan Halverson / Greg Stuart: Improvised Electro-Acoustic, Columbia, SC

about.theWindow: Glitch / Ambient / Drone, Columbia, SC

Friday, December 6 2013
8:30 (doors at 8pm)

Scott Bazar ~~~ Plank Ewing ~~~ Torschlusspanik ~~~ Luminous Umbrae ~~~ Containment Unit

Thursday, December 5 2013
8:30pm (doors at 9pm)

Will Royson, Jacob and Simeon Twitty
and Falling Off a Building

Wednesday, December 4 2013
8pm (doors at 7:30pm)

USC Jazz Strings & Jazz Guitar Ensemble in Concert

Tuesday, December 3 2013
8:30pm (doors at 8pm)

[eBlue] ~~~ arT sALE ~~~ Will Pitman

Come enjoy a unique selection of avant-garde artists from around the Cola scene.

$7 @ the Door; All Ages show!

[eBlue]: 10pm - 12am
arT sALE: 9pm - 10pm
Will Pitman: 8pm - 9pm

Saturday, November 23 2013
8pm (doors at 7:30pm)

POP ROCKS - with the Carolina Flute Guild
  • Beatboxing
  • Jazz
  • Latin
  • Pop
  • Electronics

Come out to Conundrum Music Hall on Thursday, November 21st to hear members of the Carolina Flute Guild perform music inspired by Jazz, Pop, Latin, and Rock. The concert should last about an hour and a half. Buy a drink and hear some great music!

Thursday, November 21 2013
7:30pm (door s at 7pm)

  • Christian Bailey
  • Caroline Beard
  • Kenny Cox
  • Grace Fulmer
  • Emily Hessler
  • Allison Layton
  • Samantha Marshall
  • Rebecca McCord
  • Aubrey Nelson
  • Stacey Russell
  • B rittany Schofield
  • Philip Snyder
  • Zach Warren
  • Lauren Watkins
  • Sally Wright

Daddy Lion ~~~ Casio Mio ~~~ MyBrother MySister ~~~
Daniel Hammond

Friday, November 22 2013
8:30pm (doors at 8pm)

Modalcoda ~~~ The Good Witch ~~~ Orphan Party

KAYO DOT is a progressive rock, avant-goth, weird metal, undefinable band based in Brooklyn NY. They recently celebrated their 10th anniversary with the release o f the epic double album Hubardo. From weird metal to beautiful post-rock, from demented ballads to tripped-out 70s fusion... KAYO DOT have crafted an enormous masterpiece of 21st-century progressive music.

Modalcoda envisions a world party where the Dog Faced Hermans, Can, Miles Davis, Lalo Schifrin, and Black Sabbath exchange recipes for Clamato cocktails and take turns d eejaying.

The Good Witch is era elizabeth on vocals, guitar, piano, and/or drum.

Orphan Party is a solo project of Mike Pope from Happiness Bomb.

Tuesday, November 19 2013
8:30pm (doors at 8pm)


In Brazil, Matuto is slang for Country Boy, but this NYC based group of urbanized virtuosos is emerging as one of the world's hottest international touring acts. Recently awarded t he title of "American Musical Ambassadors" by the U.S. State Department, Matuto has been hailed as "seductively cross cultural" by the Chicago Tribune, and praised by the Sun Times as "the height of world music sophistication". As anothe r critic recently admired, "there is without a doubt nothing else out there like it". Matuto's songs can sway hips just as easily as spark insights.

Drawing on Brazil's folkloric rhythms like forró and coco, and on deep America na -- from bluegrass to spirituals to swamp jams -- Matuto uses unexpected Pan-American sonic sympathies to craft appealing, roosty, yet philosophical tales of love, self-discovery, and true peace.

Imagine the sound of a Brazilian Car naval in the Appalachian Mountains. A sound where dynamic percussion instruments rumble beneath blues drenched vocals, telecaster twangs, accordion acrobatics, and folksy fiddle tunes.

Saturday, November 16 2013
8pm (doors at 7:30pm)
$15 at the door or $10 in advance here

Swank Sinatra ~~~ Ghost @ the Feast ~~~ Pharoahs in Space ~~~ R_Garcia Band

Swank Sinatra... is by turns silly, eccentric and irreverent, all code words for personality, which is something that is often lacking in this scene.' - Lates t Disgrace

Ghost @ the Feast is a band from all over columbia, sc.

Pharoahs in Space is a rock trio out of Columbia, South Carolina. Members include, Zach White, Vocals and Guitar; Ryan Morton, Bass and Vocals; Jorg Hohmann, Drums and Vocals. At the center of it is a great big heart of fun pumping the rhythm that makes em move.

R_Garcia Band used to be one person. Now they're a two-person band. Sometimes they have a drummer and the member count swells to an astonishing THREE. The R_Garcia band re cords and tours as much as life allows, sharing their gentle harmonies, bombastic drumming, 8-bit game sounds, and feedback drenched guitar escapism with all of Mother Earth's children.
At times, there are waffles.

Wednesday, November 13 2013
8pm (doors at 7pm)

Ashley Paul w/ Ben Pritchard ~~~ Juice Machine ~~~ Suncoast ~~~ Torschlusspanik

Ashley Paul is a performer and composer based in Brooklyn, New York. Tonight she'll be joined by British guitarist Ben Pritchard.
Ashley uses an array o f instruments including saxophone, clarinet, voice, guitar, bells and percussion, mixing disparate elements to create a colorful pallate of sound that works its way into her intuitive songs; free forming, introverted melodies. This blend manifests beautiful and simple musical forms against acoustic experimentation. Her solo albums have received high praise being chosen 'Album of the Column' in The Wire, number one on Byron Coley and Thurston Moore's 'Tongue Top Ten' in Arthur Magazine and included on NPR's All Songs Considered 'Best of 2010'. She has been interviewed or featured in Wire Magazine, BOMB, Gonzo (circus), Dummy, The Quietus, Ad Hoc, Spex, The Sound Projector and Foxy Digitalis.
Ashley has performed or recorded with Phill Niblock, Rashad Becker, Nik Colk Void, Loren Connors, Aki Onda, C. Spencer Yeh, Anthony Coleman, Joe Maneri, Joe Morris, Seijiro Murayama, Greg Kelley, Bill Nace and Eli Keszler appearing on such lab els as PAN, ESP-DISK' and Tzadik. She received a Masters of Music from New England Conservatory in 2007.

Juice Machine is the live action electronic improvisational wife and husband duo of Roger Smith (CHEFKIRK, Control Valve) + Heather Chessman - Working in and around the c onfined genres of experimental noise, glitch, + drone - focusing on minimal tonal + textural audio - Slowly shifting, always improvisational + always live, JUICE MACHINE - extracting the vital mineral sound."

Suncoast is a solo project by mr. Adam Schlon.

Torschlusspanik is a solo noise/electronic drone project by Jeffrey Mitchell, who used to be in Tennessee but now he's here.

Tuesday, November 12 2013
8:30pm (doors at 8pm)

Sandcastles ~~~ Hectorina ~~~ Casio Mio ~~~ Bobby Blake Monroe

soda city x queen city showcase at conundrum

Saturday, November 9 2013
8:30pm (doors at 8pm)

Danielle Howle + Bret Mosley ~~~ The Mary Chasers

Howle + Mosley = South Carolina's punk rock girl with the voice of a honky-tonk angel + Brooklyn's 'rough-and-tumble upstart with an extraordinary sense of rhythm and a raz or-sharp tongue' (
Within the first few months of musical partnership, HOWLE+MOSLEY's authentic blend of sonic prowess had already led them to share stages with Patterson Hood (Drive-by Truckers), Shonna Tucker (DBT), Junior Brown and Jerry Joseph.

DANIELLE HOWLE: A bona fide member of indie rock royalty - and considered by many to be South Carolina's best kept musical secret - Danielle Howle is as comfortable sharing the stage with Bob Dylan as F ugazi, and countless others. She has garnered worldwide acclaim while somehow remaining under the radar of mainstream America. Now is the time for South Carolina to share it's secret with the rest of America. Howle's newest onstage incar nations find her backed by the cutting edge Charleston band, Firework Show...and here, with Bret Mosley.

BRET MOSLEY: Rarely could an artist be said to transcend, yet include, the most raw and real elements of soul, roots rock, folk, funk, Hill Country blues and rap. Nevertheless -- with bone-deep authenticity -- that▒~@~Ys exactly what one-man wrecking crew Bret Mosley does, wrestling deftly with longing, belonging, and world-weariness...a voice and vibe like none y ou've ever heard before...yet it all feels dearly familiar. His debut album 'Light & Blood' was released in Dec '07 on Woodstock MusicWorks, and hailed as 'a heart-felt masterpiece' by NeuFutur Magazine. Touring tirelessly, he has shared the stage with Trombone Shorty, Ivan Neville's Dumpstaphunk, George Porter Jr., Good Enough For Good Times, Jackie Greene, the Subdudes, The Blind Boys of Alabama, Donavon Frankenreiter.

Formed while in high school, The Mary Chasers have been playing their brand of 'power-pop-punk' since they were 15 and 16 years old. Formed in the early 90's in Camden, SC, their sound has been described as, 'somewhere between the Replacements and the Descendents.' During their for mative years they played in support of Green Day, Lagwagon and Cowboy Mouth to name a few. On the verge of a deal with TVT Records in 1995 the band broke up leaving singer and primary song writer Jason Galloway as the only original membe r. In 2000, the original line up which included original bass player Patrick Ashburn, reformed to record 2001's Simple Truth in Lies EP. After a short tour in support of the EP, the band played their last show in Colorado with the Descen dents, All and a host of other awesome bands at the 2002 Stockage festival. In 2013, Patrick and Jason joined forces with ex-Tinbenders guitarist Johnny Drake and drummer Kelly Powers to reform and the sound with the second guitar is mor e refined and delivers a larger punch. Planning to go into the studio in the fall, the band has booked a few shows to showcase some new material and revamp some older ones.

Friday, November 8 2013
8pm (doors at 7:30pm)

Doc Chad and Tatsuya Nakatani Duo

< /a>

Eugene Chadbourne (guitar, banjo, voice) Tatsuya Nakatani (drums, voice)

Eugene Chadbourne is an American improvisor, guitarist and banjoist. Highly eclectic and unconventional, Chadbourne's most formative influence is free jazz. He has also be en a reviewer for Allmusic and a contributor to Maximum RocknRoll. Chadbourne started out playing rock and roll guitar, but quickly grew bored with the form's conventions. He then studied other genres, including blues, country, bluegrass , free jazz, and noise -- eventually synthesizing all those heterogeneous influences into a unique style of his own. He was also influenced early on by the experimental stylings of Captain Beefheart and the Mothers of Invention.
Cha dbourne invented an instrument known as the electric rake, made by attaching an electric guitar pickup to an ordinary lawn rake. He plays a duet of electric rake and classical piano with Bob Wiseman on Wiseman's 1991 Presented By Lake Mi chigan Soda.
Chadbourne has worked with numerous artists including John Zorn, Fred Frith, Derek Bailey, Han Bennink, Carla Bley Band, Paul Lovens, René Lussier, Toshinori Kondo, Kommissar Hjuler und Frau, Camper Van Beethoven, Jello Biafra, Turbonegro, They Might Be Giants, Sun City Girls, Violent Femmes, Aki Takase, Walter Daniels, Kevin Blechdom, Biff Blumfumgagnge, Zu and Jimmy Carl Black.

Percussionist Tatsuya Nakatani was born in Osaka, Japan and is currently based outside of Philadelphia. His array of percussion instruments, not to mention the athleticism with which he engages them, is extraordinary, including small metal bowls, gongs, broken cymbals, homemade and rather sculptural bows, tom and snare. Sometime around 2009 he e-mailed Doc Chad in Greensboro, announcing hi s intention to 'come South' and his desire to 'play Johnny Cash train beat.'

Wednesday, November 6 2013
8:30pm (doors at 8pm)

Swallowed By The Sun ~~~ Jameson Elder

Swallowed By The Sun is the moniker of Nashville singer-songwriter James Leslie Miller.
James was born in California, and after spending his formative years around Los Angeles, moved to North Carolina, ▒| where he became interested in music, and signed up for his middle school band program. He wanted to play drums, but had to settle for trumpet. It stuck long enough to get him into college, earning hi m a music scholarship to Mars HIll College in Mars Hill, NC. It was there that he started playing guitar and singing in college rock bands, before getting married and moving to South Carolina. He continued playing, touring the country wi th his wife, singer-songwriter Hannah Miller, before they packed up and headed to Nashville in December of 2010.
Hannah continued to record, and James continued to tour with her. But after years of playing as a sideman (mandolin, ele ctric/acoustic guitars, bass, trumpet, & piano), James Leslie Miller ▒~Anally found his own voice. What began as late night introspection, turned into the material for his debut EP, "I Am Not Who I Was Before".
"I Am Not Who I Was B efore" is a collection of songs about relationships, dreams, the relentless march of time, and accepting that for better or worse, we all change. Produced by Todd Lombardo, and accompanied by some of Nashville▒~@~Ys ▒~Anest musicians, t his record is like Death Cab for Cutie and Pink Floyd had a baby, and then hired Radiohead as a nanny to take care of it. James is currently touring as a solo act in support of his new release, and looks forward to connecting with new li steners while sharing these songs and the stories that helped them take shape.

Where Beauty Remains marks a new chapter for Jameson Elder , a native of Atlanta, Georgia. Jameson began his musical endeavor early in life, when he was classicall y trained on piano before progressing to the guitar at age 12. In high school his guitar teacher let him borrow Tom Petty's Greatest Hits album; "It just made sense to me. Everything on that record was instinctual. Nothing was forced, no thing was showy." The influence of the album is evident in Elder's music, which lies somewhere between a modern-day Tom Petty, stirred with the smooth hooks of Damien Rice.
In 2007, the Atlanta-bred musician packed his bags and headed to Nashville to embark on a road that many before him have traveled. After attending Belmont University, Elder was determined to find his own way and his own voice. Jameson set his sights on the production and performance of his own mus ic. After releasing his first EP and Kickstarter-funded album, "The Home I've Never Known", in April 2012, he received high-praise which led to sharing the stage with the likes of Sixpence None The Richer, Phil Keaggy, and Matthew Mayfie ld. He was also selected to participate in the Eddie's Attic Songwriter's Shootout. In the months to follow, Elder learned a lot about life and himself, leading him to head back into the studio to begin telling the story of Where Beau ty Remains.
Where Beauty Remains tells the story of heartbreak and hardship. Through the songs, you see a relationship fall apart and the beauty that remains in the end. Each song plays out like a film in your head, specif ic to a familiar emotion. The album encompasses emotions on all levels, making it easy for people from all walks of life to feel a connection. The album, which draws from Elder's southern rock roots, releases June 25 on iTunes.
"James on Elder taught me more about songwriting in thirty minutes than I've heard in a long time. He knows that there is no formula, that it can take forever or come together in a moment, and that sometimes you need a little bit more living to make it happen. Even with all this elusiveness, he still manages to consistently create songs that are heartfelt and genuine. They sound immediately familiar and yet are unmistakably original."
-NY Minute Magazine

Tuesday, November 5 2013
8pm (doors at 7:30pm)


Progressive metal instrumentalists Dysrhythmia are beginning an East Coast tour this November with fellow proggers, Zevious.

On November 4th, they'll be gracing Columbia, SC with their presence. Come out to Conundrum to bask in all o f their progressive, metallic, jazz-laced glory. Have fun trying to keep up with their wacky time signatures!

Local progressive rockers Trees on Mars and spastic metal absurdists Sein Zum Tode will also be playing!

Make your Monda y worth it.

DYSRHYTHMIA: makes the kind of highly charged, neck-breaking instrumental metal that fuels late nights spent glued to a glowing screen. Besides inadvertently creating an alternate soundtrack to Contra, Dysrhythmia inspires gape-jawed awe: These musicians are ridiculously adept at their instruments, but have also embraced an otherworldly melodicism that keeps listeners hooked http://dysrhythmia.bandcam




Monday, November 4 2013
8pm (doors at 7:30pm)

16th Annual Native American Film & Video Festival of the Southeast

Films and video by and about Native Americans & international indigenous Peoples. Sponsored by the Eastern Cherokee, Southern Iroquois & United Tribes of South Carolina, Inc., in collaboration with Conundrum Music Hall & the Nickelodeon Theatre of the Columbia Film Society.

A community-based event aims to present the richness and variety of indigenous cinematic expressions. Primarily the festival is a time to educate folks about contemporary Native American talent an d issues, Native theme documentaries and to discuss film and the power it has to tell Native Stories by Native people and to entertain.

Sunday, November 3 2013
noon to 11pm

Dr. Roundhouse ~~~ Cigar Box Opera ~~~ Glowing Screens

Saturday, November 2 2013
8:30pm (doors at 8pm)

Stepdad ~~~ One Two Skidoo ~~~ Heyrocco ~~~ Nathan K.

The day after Halloween is about to become a day more prestigious than the pumpkin king's birthday. Costumes are not required, but are necessary. Bring your dad.

Stepdad are an electro-pop group from Grand Rapids, MI who will be heading to Columbia on a massive US tour which takes them to places such as Scottsdale, AZ. Last time they played in C olumbia, the lead singer removed his shirt for the first time at a concert. This time we're hoping he takes it a step further (socks).

One Two Skidoo are a genre-defying meat circus that have been described as what would happen if Frankie Muniz bought a python that he couldn't feed. They haven't played a show in 2 years and last time they played with Stepdad they broke a guitar, a drum, and a Drive Angry poster.

Heyrocco are 3 beautiful boys from Charleston, each one cuter than the last. They have graced the stages of Columbia many times but we heard that this show they will be playi ng while sitting upon massive piles of Halloween candy.

Nathan K. is a hauntingly beautiful angel who is also from Michigan and may or may not be a member of Stepdad. Rumor has it that he is going to stand in the middle of the crow d while looping his gorgeous voice and wrapping his luscious hair around every person in the crowd.

Friday, November 1 2013
8pm (doors at 7pm)
$8 at the door or here

WUSC Presents

Glasgow Smile ~~~ Dromez ~~~ Plank Ewing ~~~ Torschlosspanik

Thursday, October 31 2013
9pm (doors at 8:30pm)


This seems to be the most suitable way to describe what is going on here: Exploring sound and structure, harmony and disharmony. No wonder that this sounds...bulky, eruptive, at times brutal, at times irritating, seldom calm or soothing. Though, at least it's never unspectacular, halfhearted or ill-considered.

With KEEFE JACKSON and CHRISTOPH ERB on bass clarinet and tenor saxophone, TOMEKA REID on cello and JASON ROEBKE on bass, this is a merger of four free-spirite d sound nerds, complementing one another. It goes without saying that this mighty tempest of sounds may conjure up images of rugged crater landscapes, or of a future crowded with nothing but wretched skeletons, dancing away in a manic fr enzy.

The group's debut album will be released this summer on Veto Records (Switzerland). Fred Lonberg-Holm (cello), who appears on the record, is being replaced for this tour by Jason Roebke (double bass). As they say: It's a challen ging listening experience. Yet, an experience nonetheless.

[PDF file with more info]

Wednesday, October 30 2013
8:30pm (doors at 8pm)

Mike & Ruthy ~~~ Brodie Porterfield

Mike & Ruthy's sound ranges from soft blues to raucous tradfolk to grungy folkrock sets that frame them as exemplars of their age to critics and peers alike. Hailed as 'one of acoustic America's most revered musical duos,' an evening spent with Mike + Ruthy promises to thrill your senses, raise your spirits, and delve deep into your soul. Ruthy was raised at the intersection of folk and swing, daughter of fid dle master Jay Ungar and country songwriter Lyn Hardy. Mike has been playing in bands and writing songs since age 12.

Mike + Ruthy met in NYC, just out of college, and went on to found 'subversive acoustic stringband' The Mammals, one of the most popular folk rock bands of their generation. (

Mike + Ruthy's haunting posthumous Woody Guthrie collaboration 'My New York City' is being hailed as one of the most g orgeous pieces ever to have come out of the archive.
Watch the video

In February 2013 Mike + Ruthy introduced a newly minted folk and roots festival called the Winter Hoot which brought Amy Helm, Spirit Family Reunion, Elizabeth Mitchell, Jeffrey Lewis, Jay Ungar & Molly Mason, and other Americana favorites to the Ashokan Center near their home in upstate NY. August 2013 brought their Summer Hoot featuring 28 bands includi ng Pete Seeger, Natalie Merchant, Dan Bern, Dirt Farmer Band, AC Newman, Happy Traum, and The Wiyos plus screening of the Levon Helm film, 'Ain't In It For My Health.' (

Brodie Porterfield is a singer/songwriter from Columbia, SC. He also plays a pretty mean guitar.

Tuesday, October 29 2013
8pm (doors at 7:30pm)

Kevin Greenspon ~~~ Big Waves of Pretty ~~~ hey, lightning ~~~ FoodComputer

For the past five years, Los Angeles-based sound artist Kevin Greenspon has sculpted abstract sound into cinematic compositions and miniature film soundtracks that draw from ambient, shoegaze, drone, classical, field recording and harsh noise composition.

Arranged over the span of a year, 'Betrayed by the Angels' is a new 12-inch record and live performance piece that serves as a personal reflection on finding where one belongs in the chaos of leaving. The story is told by an intimate orchestra of guitar and synthesizer voices singing out against a backdrop of crackling rumble, synchronized to overwhelming new video proje ctions timed to each nuance, movement and texture.

Big Waves of Pretty is a 2/3 Madison natives and 1/3 Memphian pop trio. They're touring for about three months with Kevin.

hey, lightning: The myriad sounds of hey, lightning cascade across audience eardrums in shades of magenta and periwinkle, immersing the room in a wash of distortion an d shimmering cymbals that acts as a solvent to help the lyrical content sink in. Assembled 2013, Cola.

Sunday, October 27 2013
8:30pm (doors at 8pm)

Sarah Lee Guthrie & Johnny Irion ~~~ The Prairie Willows

Sarah Lee Guthrie & Johnny Irion: As her name makes evident, Sarah Lee Guthrie's musical heritage runs deep: Woody Guthrie was her grandfather and Arlo is her dad. But despit e her pedigree, it was only when she started tour-managing for her father that she picked up an acoustic guitar and began to play in earnest. Through Chris Robinson of the Black Crowes, she met her musical mate in Johnny Irion, and toget her the couple has released a handful of discs, including a children's music album. Sarah Lee & Johnny return in 2013 with Chairman Meow. Recorded in October 2012 at The Loft in Chicago with producers Jeff Tweedy and Pat Sansone of Wilco , the 11-song album sets resonant melodies amid lush soundscapes that vividly evoke a range of moods, from carefree and playful to contemplative and melancholy. Guthrie and Irion collaborated in writing several of the tracks with Tweedy and Sansone, who also played on the record along with drummer Otto Hauser and bassist Charlie Rose.

The Prairie Willows: Folk Tunes and Minor Keys, Fiddle, Banjos, Songs in G, Ukulele, Wash Board, Tub, Guitars, Kazoos, Stompin Boots.
3 part harmony with whiskey on the side.

Saturday, October 26 2013
8pm (doors at 7:30pm)
$15 (available here or at the door)

VCDC (Stine Janvin Motland, Fred Lonberg-Holm, Ståle Liavik Solberg, Frode Gjerstad)

Frode Gjerstad brought his trio to Conundrum last year (along with trombonist Jeb Bishop) and blew us all away. This time he's back with our friend/cellist Fred Lonberg-Holm, and also vocalist Stine Janvin Motland and drummer Ståle Liavik Solberg (known also as the MotSol duo, both from his hometown of Stavanger, Norway).

Even though Gjerstad is the link between all musicians, this is definitely a collaborative effort -- one that is improvised on the spot, wild, adventurous and highly rewarding. Motland is a creative vocal artist with an amazing vocal range, wild imagination and wicked sense of humor. At times, she sounds as if she is playing with the textures Longberg-Holm and Gjerstad are pro ducing from cello and clarinet, experimenting with emulation of these tones, pushing them to otherworldly limits; elsewhere, she sounds as though she's mocking their limited vocabularies (compared to hers, on any given moment), or simply inventing new languages. Solberg has his own sense of rhythm, free from the task of injecting a steady pulse, and free to focus on adding nuanced colors to all the improvisations.

Gjerstad and Lonberg-Holm are excellent partners for this kind of free-form improvisations, both experienced and creative musicians, fast thinking, collaborative and supportive and ready for any sonic challenge. Together, they support beautifully Motland's vocal flights and Solberg's frac tured, spare percussion, solidifying them with a sense of form and coherence.
- EYAL HAREUVENI, All About Jazz

Friday, October 25 2013
8:30pm (doors at 8pm)

Bad Movie Night: Troll 2 / Dracula 3000

Troll 2:
A family vacationing in a small town discovers the entire town is inhabited by goblins in disguise as humans, who plan to eat them.

Dracula 3000:
In the year 3000, the space salvage ship Mother III happens upon the de relict transport Demeter. Captain van Helsing (Casper Van Dien) and his crew board the abandoned ship.

Remember kids: Double decker bologna sandwiches, always the prime weapon against goblins!

Thursday October 24 2013
8pm (doors at 7:30pm)

Baron Vaughn

Baron Vaughn comes to Conundrum Music Hall on his Southeastern tour. Check out one of the best comics working today!

Baron Vaughn recently released his first comedy recording, Raised By Cable, produced by AST Records, available at Amazon (mp3 and CD), and iTunes. Baron's performed stand-up on Conan (twice), Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson and has had numerous appearances on Comedy Central most recently in the form of his own "Half Hour" comedy special. He's performed in the HBO U.S. Comedy Arts Festival (Aspen), The Just for Laughs Comedy Festival (Montreal), The South Beach Comedy Festival (Miami), Moontower Comedy Festival (Austin), San Francisco Sketchfest, Bridgetown Comedy Festival (Portland), Vancouver Comedy Festival, All Points West Music Festival (New Jersey), FYF Music Festival (Los Angeles), Bonnaroo Mus ic and Arts Festival (TN), and Bumbershoot Music and Arts Festival (Seattle). He has also appeared in many shows on VH1, MTV, FUSE as well as the films Black Dynamite, Cloverfield, The Other Guys (Deleted Scenes), and was a series regula r on USA's recently canceled Fairly Legal (2010-2012)

Tuesday, October 22 2013
9pm (doors at 8pm)
$8 in advance here / $10 at the door

Home of Easy Credit ~~~ about.theWindow

Queens-based The Home of Easy Credit challenges the boundaries of free-improvised music, jazz, folk, and pop music with an iconoclastic approa ch that defies all those who seek to classify music by genre. Two musicians who met in New York in 2008 and were married one year later, Danish multi-instrumentalist Louise Dam Eckardt Jensen and bassist Tom Blancarte have teamed up musi cally as The Home of Easy Credit, releasing their self-titled debut album on Northern Spy in 2012. Taking their name from a department store sign in a dilapidated section of downtown Houston, Texas which they photographed while on tour t here, the duo seeks to hold up a mirror to contemporary musical tastes to create a dark, beautiful and thrilling sound world that reflects upon the decline of contemporary civilization.

Recently gaining notoriety for her improvised so lo performances, Jensen uses a broad range of colors, drawn from a long lineage of Scandinavian artists including Jan Garbarek, Arve Henriksen and Björk but blended with saxophone sounds as diverse as Lee Konitz or Mats Gustafsson. An experienced veteran of the New York DIY music scene, Blancarte, who plays electronic futuristic jazz with the Peter Evans Quintet, hyperactive prog banjo/guitar shred with Seabrook Power Plant and provides hellish bass insanity to tub ist Dan Peck's improvised doom metal outfit The Gate, utilizes every trick in his book to underpin his wife's apocalyptic musical narratives. The year 2012 promises to be an exciting year for the duo, as they plan an epic tour of North A merica in the fall and two tours of Europe in the spring and summer.

"about.theWindow is a crazy glitchxperimental band including to members: Cecil Decker & Chris Johnson. The records are mostly improvised, totally motherfuckin' sick , and 300% ass kicker! Hypnotic mindblowing glitched twilight of sound, that's how I would describe the sound you can find here!" - Arnaud Barbe, founder of Sirona-Records

Monday, October 21 2013
8pm (doors at 7:30pm)

Nief-Norf presents Michael Gordon's TIMBER

Michael Gordon's work TIMBER is an evening-length tour de force scored for six graduated wooden Simantras. Gordon's composition brings the physicality, endurance, and technique of percussive art to a new level. In this evening-length wor k, Gordon shapes sound in both polyrhythmic and dynamic waves of textures - often each player's hands are in separate rhythmic "worlds", each traversing a different dynamic trajectory from loud to soft, soft to loud.

Watch this:

Or listen to this:

Saturday, October 19 2013
8pm (doors at 7pm)

Mourning Cloak ~~~ Deathstill ~~~ Low to the Earth

Brandon Fernweh sez:

Mourning Cloak: Greensboro's newest group. Saw them play on their hometown and blew me away. Not only are they some of the sweetest dudes they play ridiculously good mu sic. Dooooom. Mbers of Torch Runner and Brave Young.

Deathstill: Cola's leading thrash melodic death leaders. Come out and use your metal fists to play tether ball with Trips's swinging microphone!

Low to the Earth: Rock Hill's darkcore doomness. Been steadily one of my favorite bands in the south. Haven't been through in a bit so I am excited to see them! If you haven't seen them yet, they alone are worth showing up.

Friday, October 18 2013
9pm (doors at 8pm)

Nagual ~~~ Greg Stuart & Chris Johnson

Nagual is Ian McColm and David Shapiro. Since forming in 2010, they have shared bills with Aaron Dilloway (ex-Wolf Eyes, Hanson Records), Brooklyn experi mental music luminaries Zs, Chris Corsano (Bjork, Evan Parker, Thurston Moore), industrial noise legend and Boyd Rice collaborator Robert Turman, Home of Easy Credit (Northern Spy Records), Ben Greenberg (Hubble, The Men, Pygmy Shrews, e x-Zs), Daniel Bachman (Feeding Tube Records, Marmara Records, One Kind Favor Records) and members of So Percussion. Nagual have released four full-length cassettes on Ian's Pidgin Records imprint and toured the better part of North Ameri ca. In 2013 they began digitizing their catalog, posting digital copies of cassettes that are now out of print. Their self-titled LP is scheduled for release at the end of August on Chicago based Ergot Records.

Greg Stuart is a percussionist from St. Paul, Minn., currently residing in Columbia, S.C. His work explores various alternative percussion techniques, including sustained friction, gravity-based sounds via small grains, sympathetic vibration and electronic instruments. Since 2006, Stuart has collaborated extensively with the composer Michael Pisaro, producing a large body of new music for percu ssion comprised of pieces that focus on the magnification of small sounds through recording and layering (An unrhymed Chord, A wave and waves, Ricefall (2), July Mountain, and the Hearing Metal series). Chris Johnson is an artist/composer/improviser/recording engineer/sound summoner/chaos magician from Columbia, SC.

Wednesday, October 16 2013
9pm (doors at 8pm)


"After hearing CHILD ABUSE , the local trio's moniker seems more like a reference to violence inflicted by a tod dler rather than upon one. The group's growled vocals, manic riffs and copious double-kick drumming nod to death metal. But in place of the guitar, the quintessential shredder's tool, are Luke Calzonetti's keyboards, which can sound like a laser gun, a carnival organ or a modem on the verge of implosion. On the group's debut full-length, these loopy tones align with Tim Dahl's fuzzed-out bass and Oran Canfield's dense yet swinging beats to create a highly technical soun d that's also weirdly playful. The disc's effectiveness doesn't hinge on its novel means, though: Songs like 'Internal Projections' mete out their beatdowns with calculated fury, ensuring that you remember every deranged detail."
- Time Out NY by Hank Shteamer
"Comprising of Oran Canfield on drums, Tim Dahl on bass/vocals and Eric Lau on keyboard /vocals, they blazed through a set of their relentless spastic death-jazz / prog-hardcore hybrid in dizzying time signatures with brute force, but more with punches, slaps and parries than bludgeons. Premiering a ton of new material, sounds belch out of the mix and it's sometimes hard to discern whether they come from the keys or the drums - D ahl employs a bevy of effects which transform sounds from his instrument into piercing bell-like overtones, voices, synths, bassoons, and on one song I could swear an angelic choir seemed to poke its head thru the storm clouds."
- JG Thirlwell

STAER is a Norwegian avant noise-rock band. STAER first spread its counter-cultural wings in 2008, and has since been hailed by various noise acts both locally and internationally. This thundering three-piece has an old school instrumentation of drums, bass and guitar, but sounds refre shingly new and exciting. Two releases are currently in the works, a split vinyl with legendary NOXAGT, and their debut album in Duper Studio with Jørgen Træen to be released through Gaffer Records in 2012.

SEIN ZUM TODE is a band from Columbia, SC playing some styles of avant-garde extreme metalish musics.

Saturday, October 12 2013
9pm (doors at 8pm)

Tim Eriksen ~~~ The Restoration ~~~
Alexa Woodward

Tim Eriksen is acclaimed for transforming American tradition with his startling interpretations of old ballads, love songs, shape-note gospel and dance tunes from New Englan d and Southern Appalachia. He combines hair-raising vocals with inventive accompaniment on banjo, fiddle, guitar and bajo sexto - a twelve string Mexican acoustic bass - creating a distinctive hardcore Americana sound.
While Eriksen' s curiosity and passion have led him on many musical journeys besides American roots - from punk rock and shape-note gospel through South Indian classical music and Bosnian pop to world jazz and contemporary symphonic music - all his exp lorations are linked by the qualities of intensity, directness, and authority which combine in a music that captures a truth about human experience and expresses it without apology.
'Tim Eriksen is widely regarded as the best trad itional American ballad singer of his generation'. - BBC Radio

The Restoration's members grew up performing in orchestras, church choirs, fiddle groups and rock bands in the small town of Lexington, South Carolina. Their debut concept album, Constance, has been taught in university literature and history courses and was featured on
Formed in 2007, the band have used their varied backgrounds as a lens for exploring the music and culture o f their native soil, channeling storytelling and regional history through instrumentation associated with traditional and post-rock America alike. At the core of this exploration is a desire to preserve and enjoy the rich cultural herita ge of the South while taking responsibility to acknowledge the problematic history that created it.

Marked by honest lyricism and a disarming voice, Alexa Woodward's sparse, harp-like banjo and a baritone ukulele songs combine with breathtaking harmonies and layers of electr onic and organic sounds to distinguish her songs.
In the summer of 2013 she began working on a new record (to be released in 2014) that ventures further into a fusion of indie rock and sparse Appalachian sounds, balancing interwoven themes while keeping an undercurrent of simplicity. Woodward is working with Scott Minor (Sparklehorse) on her upcoming release. She currently lives with her husband, comedian Michael Robinette, and her dog, Pan, in South Carolina.

'Alexa Woodward's songs are like mountain music with an MFA.' - No Depression

Friday, October 11, 2013
9:00pm (doors at 8:30pm)


Jaap Blonk ~~~ Jeb Bishop ~~~ Konk Pack

Jaap Blonk (born 1953 in Woerden, Holland) is a self-taught composer, performer and poet. As a vocalist, Jaap Blonk is unique for his powerful stage presence and almost childlike freedom in improvisation, combined with a keen grasp of structure. He has performed around the world, on all continents. With the use of live electronics the scope and range of his concerts has acquired a considerable extension. Besides working as a soloist, he collaborated with many musicians and ensembles in the field of contemporary and improvised music, like Maja Ratkje, Mats Gustafsson, Joan La Barbara, The Ex, the Netherlands Wind Ensemble and the Ebony Band.
   VIDEO! --
   VIDEO! --

Well-known to Columbia audiences, North Carolina-based trombonist Jeb Bishop has performed, toured and recorded with groups including the Vandermark Five, the Peter Brötzmann Chicago Tentet, Ted Sirota's Rebel Souls, Terminal Four, School Days, Ken Vandermark's Territory Band, Rob Mazurek's Exploding Star Orchestra, Globe Unity Orchestra, and his own Jeb Bishop Trio. He also co-led the Lucky 7s project with New Orleans-based trombonist Jeff Albert, and is a member of cooperative quartet The Engines.
   VIDEO! --

Konk Pack: from the first moment discovered the extremely effective rhythmic and clear energetic display involving all the body a very large quantity of fast actions and fast lack of actions poured out a dynamic varied all the time and detailed stream of sound events that gripped the imagination from start onwards in a very serious performance making unavoidable large smile
Thomas Lehn: analogue synthesizer; nervously twitching avant garde scientist using unique dirty sound.
Roger Turner: drums, percussion; famous improviser / totally visually compulsive bald player with unique " dirty" drum sound.
Tim Hodgkinson: washed-up 70's celeb bird-like hawaiian guitarist famous for unique dirty sound.
   VIDEO! --

Tuesday, October 8 2013
8:30pm (doors at 8pm)

Benefit for SC Progressive Network
Falling Off A Building ~~~ Daddy Lion ~~~ Art Sale ~~~
Release The Dog ~~~ Will Pittman

Proceeds to benefit the SC Progressive Network
The South Carolina Progressive Network is a coalition of grassroots activists who have joined forces to promote social and econom ic justice in the Palmetto State. Created in 1995 as a tool to engage South Carolinians in their communities and in their government, the Network connects people to each other and to resources designed to leverage the work of progressive organizations.

Falling Off A Building:

Daddy Lion:

Art Sale: featuring Paddy Dover and James Wallace of The Unawares

Release The Dog:

Will Pittman:

Beauty in a Box from willpittman on Myspace.

Saturday, October 5 2013
8pm (doors at 7:30pm)

Archie Powell and the Exports ~~~ Co. ~~~
Dear Blanca ~~~ Stefanie Santana

Has bemused cynicism and ennui ever been so fun? Archie Powell and the Exports have made a career of grafting prismatic power pop and sardonic, dark looks at the world outside into guileless songs with hooks galore. Archie Powell makes it look simple; he is incapable of writing an un-danceable tune, whether he turns a jaundiced eye on the culture of self-medication or whipping up a 3 minute heist story. Great Ideas in Action (out May 1, 2012) is the band's third release of deceptively sophisticated songs. Blink and its killer catchy rock, blink twice and its social commentary that is sad, biting, funny but ultimately incredibly honest. Powell's writing could easily come from someone twice his age but it never feels studied - his humanity just shines through and demolishes any doubts about where he stands.

Co.: Grade school buddies Brian Hannon and Kelly Grant wind up living in Charleston, SC following their college years. They reconnect and start playing music together. T hey play some shows; get introduced to Band of Horses who in turn take them out on tour and to SXSW; while in Austin they meet Matthew Johnson from Fat Possum who agrees to put out their first EP; they do some more touring, including a s tint with Matt Pond PA, and eventually sign with us as Exit Stencil.
Since then Company has released two full length LPs, lo-fi Holy City and studio recorded Dear America,. Part My Morning Jacket, part Shins, with a bit of Nick Drak e thrown in, Company delivers intimate acoustic songs and arena-sized numbers, with terrific melodies, giant hooks and insightful lyrics.

Given life in 2011 and named after the late grandmother of Dylan Dickerson, Dear Blanca consists of Dickerson himself, long-time bandmate Marc Coty on drums, Co nnor Mills on bass, and Dayne Lee on vocals/percussion. Offering an eclectic range of sounds inspired by diverse acts such as 80's punk group Minutemen as well as Townes Van Zandt, Dear Blanca promises energetic rock music coupled with f olk-songwriting aesthetics both mild-mannered and rambunctious.

Friday, October 4 2013
9pm (doors at 8pm)


When musicologists of the future look back to find the missing link between the avant-jazz and synth rock of the early 21st century and the hybrid sounds that have yet to reach our contemporary ears, the formation of the futurist jazz tr io CACAW may represent a key point on that evolutionary timeline. With music inspired by the love between robots, the swallowing of one star by another, and elements in a state of change, the band's 2013 debut album on Skirl Records, Ste llar Power, is an album driven by transition, whether in the music or in the cosmos.

CACAW's sound ranges from steamrolling sludge rock to the glassy synth washes of a 1980s Michael Mann soundtrack, from angular complexity to shimmeri ng, ethereal soundscapes and corrosive noise. The band continually evolves, absorbing ideas and influences from across the contemporary musical spectrum while maintaining the spontaneity and invention of jazz and the edge and attitude of experimental rock, as indebted to indie rock artists like Boards of Canada and Thom Yorke as to jazz influences such as Tim Berne and Andrew Hill.

Keyboardist/composer Landon Knoblock has lived in New York since 2007. He's played wit h a wide range of artists including Andrew D'Angelo, Ron Horton, Ben Allison, Michael Blake, and Jeff Lederer. His last album, Gasoline Rainbow, was a duo recording with prog rock/metal drummer Jason Furman, while his own music ranges fr om pointillist solo piano to multi-hued synthesizer constructions. Bruce Lindsay of All About Jazz has described his music as "unpredictable, energetic, beautiful, loud, soft, subtle, and surprising."

Saxophonist Oscar Noriega, a twen ty-year veteran of the boundary-breaking New York jazz scene, is a member of Tim Berne's Snakeoil and the collective quartet Endangered Blood. He's worked with Tom Rainey, Cuong Vu, Brad Shepik, and Slavic Soul Party, among others. Drumm er Jeff Davis is a member of Eivind Opsvik's Overseas, Tone Collector with Opsvik and saxophonist Tony Malaby, and Michael Bates' Outside Sources. The in-demand drummer has played or recorded with a number of jazz greats, including the P edro Giraudo Jazz Orchestra, Jon Irabagon, Kris Davis, Ryan Keberle, Gebhard Ullmann, and Ralph Alessi.

Tuesday, October 1 2013
8:30pm (doors at 8pm)

In Sterio

Innovative, captivating and dynamic best describes the ground breaking flute duo, In Sterio. Classically trained, yet stylistically unique, their performances fuse virtuosic flute playing with original and eclectic cross-cultural music f or an electrifying and powerful presentation of sound.

After graduating from college, both Shivhan and Erica, independent of one another, honed their craft under the direction of Jill Felber. It was Jill who took their talent and gave it wings, encouraging each of them to be fearless musicians, always pushing the limits. This is where the ladies met, and the idea for In Sterio was born in 2007.

Shivhan and Erica, Miyazawa Artists, have a vision that challenges co nvention. They draw inspiration from rock, jazz, classical, latin, funk, folk, world and electro styles with a sound that has been described as "two flutes - one brain". Performances have been praised as "spell binding" and "awe inspirin g". This high octane, "outside the box" duo brings audiences to their feet.

Monday, September 30 2013
8pm (doors at 7:30pm)

Not Your Average Rock Show

Where there is an open mind, there will always be a frontier.
-Dorothea Brande

An event reflecting a wide variety of the creative dimensions of the South. Sure to foster conversation and celebration of the creative explorations, these are the people who can change the world or something expensive.


Flee The Vault

Black Mountain Revival

The Lovecrafts


Saturday, September 28 2013
8pm (doors at 7:30pm)
$5 - 21 and older // $8 - under 21

Barrett Smith ~~~ Susan Douglass Taylor

Barrett Smith moves freely between genres... from bluegrass to blues, jazz to classical, and on to Italian traditional! He co-created the group The Cosmic Possums that played Thursday night Bluegrass night at El Burrito for a few years. After moving to Asheville, he played in Town Mountain for a few years, and lately has been touring with Shannon Whitworth (wife of Woody Platt, from Steep Canyon Ranger s). Barrett and Shannon have received much acclaim for their current album 'Bring It On Home'. He and his friends and family put on an annual bluegrass festival somewhere 'really, really rural' called Birdfest, which is said to attract m ovie stars even.

Take the pop hits her older brother and sister were spinning in the 60's, include the legendary Texas songwriters of Austin City Limits, a couple of 70's west coast rock bands, and Flatt & Scruggs. Combine these with the experience of gr owing up in a little town in South Carolina, add her love for God, family, and the people in that little town where she still lives, and you have the music of Susan Douglass Taylor.

Friday, September 27, 2013
8pm (doors at 7:30pm)

Maharajah Flamenco Trio

You may have been lucky enough to catch Maharajah Flamenco Trio when we first brought them to Conundrum in 2011. Or perhaps you witnessed one of their subsequent perfor mances at the Southern Guitar Festival in Columbia. If so, you know you're in for a treat!

At the heart of the Trio is Silviu Ciulei, a guitar virtuoso who captures the passion of flamenco with the precision of a classical guitarist. H e began classical training at an early age, soon winning prizes in national and international competitions, first in Europe and more recently in the United States. A family holiday in Spain first awakened his interest in Flamenco, and so on after, he moved to Cardiz, Andalusia--the heartland of Flamenco--and began several years of intense study. This experience led Silviu to form Tequila, the first of his Flemenco Nuevo ensembles, which gained national attention in his n ative Romania. Silviu is currently working towards his Phd in classical guitar performance under the tutelage of Bruce Holzman, Director of the Guitar Program at Florida State University, and competing in competitions around the U.S.

David Cobb is the bassist for the Trio. He began his musical journey in the middle school brass section but soon was lured by the sound of strings and began teaching himself guitar and electric bass. This expanded his classical backgrou nd into the American styles centered around these instruments: blues, rock, soul and jazz. David studied composition and classical guitar at the University of South Carolina and performed and recorded with numerous artists and ensembles, including J'Ouvert Steel Band, Israeli composer Ayala Asherov and P Funk keyboardist Danny Bedrosian's bands Som'n Fierce and Secret Army. David fuses the feel of soul with a wealth of Latin American and Caribbean rhythms and the melodi c sensibilities of Western Asia.

Rounding out the rhythm section, percussionist Ramin Yazdanpanah draws upon the sounds of the Outback, Silk Road and Caribbean. He plays the soulful and passionate rhythms of his Cuban-Iranian heritage on cajon, dumbek and a variety of other percussion instruments while showcasing his mastery of the didjeridoo. Ramin has performed and recorded with numerous artists in numerous musical genres, from classical, jazz and folk, to funk, La tin, and hip-hop.

The unique cultural and musical backgrounds of Silviu, David and Ramin create the high-energy and daring music of the Maharajah Flamenco Trio.

Thursday, September 26, 2013
8pm (doors at 7:30pm)

Alan Fey: Marimba, Tape, & Film

Alan Fey is a classically-trained percussionist who specializes in solo and chamber music. Based in Nashville, his primary focus is on the genre-defying category that is 'new music,' as he has been involved in the commissioning and world premieres of more than 10 works in just the last two years. Alan has performed in spaces ranging from churches to art galleries to concert halls, from the Zeitgeist Art Gallery to the Schermerhorn Symphony Center in Nashville, and from Millennium Park in Chicago to Carnegie Hall in New York.

The show will feature a wide range of music for marimba, from late 20th-Century Contemporary works, to music written specifically for Alan in the last 3 years, to arrangements of folk and 'popular' music. The show will also include the South Carolina premiere of a work by Atlanta-based composer and film director Alan O.W. Barnes - Malice of Inanimate Objects - for marimba, tape, and film.

Sunday, September 22 2013
8pm (doors at 7:30pm)

Fall of the Albatross ~~~ Sein Zum Tode ~~~ Trees on Mars ~~~
hey, lightning

Fall of the Albatross (Prog from Long Island NY for fans of Between the Buried and Me, Dillinger Escape Plan and Behold...The Arctopus)

Sein Zum Tode (Avant Garde for fans of Mike Patton, John Zorn and The Locust)

Trees on Mars (Math/Prog Rock for fans of Scale the Summit, Fang Island and Russian Circles)

hey, lightning (Fuzzy Shoegaze for fans of Nirvana, Sonic Youth, and My Bloody Valentine)

Tuesday, September 17 2013
8pm (doors at 7:30pm)

Metal Cock Radio/Booking/Promotions

Nesey Gallons ~~~ Gold Light ~~~ Happiness Bomb

Nesey Gallons is a solo recording artist associated with the Elephant 6 Collective, and a former member of the bands Circulatory System and The Music Tapes. Nesey's 2009 LP, Ey es and Eyes and Eyes Ago (Cloud Recordings) was performed, arranged, and recorded by Gallons himself, combining trademark flourishes of eccentric instrumentation and recorded sound, creating an otherworldly vibe that complements the reco rding's uncanny melodies and haunting lyrics. His latest album, When I Was An Ice Skater, had been a decade in the works, and was released this summer.

Gold Light is an American indie rock band formed in 2012 around the songs of musician and filmmaker Joe Chang. For the past decade, Joe has recorded music and played in numerous bands in his hometown of Asheville, NC, though is now based in Louisville, KY. The Gold Light band will consist of Nesey Gallons, Adam Cullum (from Can't Kids), and Nick Kovacs (from Kovacs and the Polar Bear). Their self title d debut album will be released in September 2013 on Slow Owl Recordings.

Happiness Bomb is a research chemical. They'll go as fast as they want.

Sunday, September 15 2013
8pm (doors at 7:30pm)

5 Broken Cameras: Movie and Discussion

Nominated for an Oscar®, 5 Broken Cameras is a deeply personal first-hand account of life and nonviolent resistance in Bil'in, a West Bank village where Israel is building a security fence. Palestinian Emad Burnat, who bought his fir st camera in 2005 to record the birth of his youngest son, shot the film and Israeli filmmaker Guy Davidi co-directed. The filmmakers follow one family's evolution over five years, witnessing a child's growth from a newborn baby into a y oung boy who observes the world unfolding around him. The film is a Palestinian-Israeli-French co-production.

Running time: 90-minutes. Followed by TalkBack Q & A with Carolina Peace Resource Center President David Matos who visited B il'in with Interfaith Peacebuilders in 2006 and 2009 . Light refreshments will be available.

Free and open to the public.

Carolina Peace is proud to host this event is a collaboration with the award-winning documentary series POV (

Originally broadcast on PBS on MON Aug 26th; available online streaming until Sept 25th:

Sunday, September 15 2013
3pm (doors at 2:30pm)

presented by Carolina Peace

Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me (with a live re-soundtracking)

Journey into the world of Laura Palmer's nightmares and the ultimate evil himself, BOB, on this night as a place both wonderful and strange (Russ, formerly of Silent Drape Runners) takes his acclaimed Twin Peaks re-soundtracking and appl ies it to a new show: Fire Walk With Me.

Lynch's cult classic film, the prelude to and also the swan song for his beloved noir television epic Twin Peaks, gets sonically reconfigured as Badalamenti's score gets removed, replaced inste ad with sonic reconstructions and songs both achingly familiar and epically foreign. It's the bleak Fire Walk With Me landscape made wry, touching, and horrifying in a way you've never seen it before.

a place both wonderful and strang e and vocalist/performer GHOST COP will be touring FIRE WALK WITH ME throughout the southeast this fall. Prior Twin Peaks resoundtrackings have consistently sold out across the country, this is a very rare chance to watch a new piece of work and a new interpretation of Lynch's classic come to life .

Once again, this is an entirely new show, pieced together to make FIRE WALK WITH ME live and breathe through sonic reconstruction.

Saturday, September 14 2013
9pm (doors at 8pm)



Ghost at the Feast ~~~ Space Coke ~~~ Post Timey String Band ~~~ Release The Dog

Ghost at the Feast: we play short and sometimes fast vignettes of mundane human existence. small things add to an ultimate big epic picture, without them our lives woul d be the movies.

Space Coke: If the amp don't smoke, it ain't Space Coke

With a good mixture of quirky and serious, Post Timey String Band produce an interesting blend of folk, ragtime, and blues that hails influence from the old an d the new. Kelley McLachlan creates the picture with her vocals/kazoo/mouth trumpet and keeps everything in beat with her rhythm guitar (and sometimes banjo!) while Sean Thomson colors everything in with an assortment of stringed instrum ents.

Release The Dog was formed in July 2012 by Ross Swinson and Charley Potter. After playing a few shows as a duo, Scott Smith was added to the line up on bass.

Friday, September 13 2013
9pm (doors at 8pm)

Latcho Drom (a movie about Romani music, from India to Spain)

Latcho Drom, directed by Tony Gatlif, is an unusual and fascinating documentary. Latcho Drom means Safe Journey, the journey of the Romany people told through musicians and dancers of India, E gypt, Turkey, Romania, Hungary, Slovakia, France, and Spain.

The film takes the viewer on a journey west, from India to Spain, with stops along the way, to dramatize Romany's nomadic cultur e. This journey takes place over a year's time, from summer through fall and winter to spring. Gatlif holds his camera on the elemental essentials of this life: water, the wheel, fire, beasts of burden and of sustenance, colorful clothes, jewelry, musical instruments, song, and dance. Throughout, via song and dance, young and old celebrate, embody, and teach the cultural values of family, journey, love, separateness, and persecution.

Admission is free!

Short subjects at 7pm, film starts at 7:30. Drinks and snacks available. Free treats, too!

Monday, September 9 2013
7:30pm (doors at 7pm)

Food Not Bombs Concert Fundraiser

John M. Starino, as a performance poet and author, is best-known around Columbia, SC for his Beer Poem, a hilarious play-on-words piece that brings smiles every time folks hear it. What most p eople may not know about John is that while hitchhiking cross-country from 1972-73, he was homeless. Although it was for only a short while that experience had a profound effect on his life, l eading to his volunteer experience with the Food Not Bombs (FNB) Chapter of Columbia, and his poem, "To Walk In", as an inspiration for him and many more who feed those who are hungry and home less. It is with this dedication to recognizing volunteer efforts for those making a difference to alleviate hunger that John M. Starino is emceeing this Food Not Bombs Concert Fundraiser to f urther volunteer efforts for FNB of Columbia, SC.

On September 8, 2013 at Conundrum Music Hall from 8 PM to 10 PM will be 'The Look In The Mirror Concert Against Hunger.' This is so dubbed with the economy in America unstable and so many people out of work, anyone could be homeless at any given time. Not everyone will feel the pang of homelessness, though you can look in the mir ror feeling healthy, alive and generous; donate to the FNB efforts while listening to local experienced musicians of Columbia, SC.

The concert will spotlight the talents of Singer/Songwrite rs Keith Bates, Earl Turner, Tonya Tyner, and from the band Dr. Roundhouse, Jon Coxe and Russell Goodman. Headlining to rock out the night is Stillhouse: a Columbia mainstay group with four le ad vocalists including the new blood infusion of John and Karri Scollon. Together these artists will make this a great night of Americana! John M. Starino author of Onion Season Pt. 2 which in cludes the FNB's inspired poem 'To Walk In,' will have copies of his books on sale to raise additional funds for this drive. There will be information available on how you can join Food Not Bo mbs volunteer relief effort. Mark your calendars for an inspired night. See you September 8!

Look for further details at John M. Starino's Facebook page. Join us for this step to acknowledg e volunteer efforts against hunger. Contact John M. Starino (803) 463-8297 for information.

Sunday, September 8 2013
$8 in advance / $10 at the door

Sandcastles ~~~ Salvo ~~~ Height Keech ~~~
Glowing Screens

Sandcastles (sadcore)

Salvo (noiserapcore)

Height Keech (baltimorerapcore)

Glowing Screens (neoretropopcore)

Thursday, September 5 2013
9pm (doors at 8:30pm)

Tom Carter ~~~ hey, lightning ~~~ cat arm

Tom Carter's electric guitar work weaves spare strands of melody into towering long-form drones, sculpting a rich landscape from both high-volume grit and charg ed silence.

Although best known for his work with iconoclasts Charalambides, which he co-founded with Christina Carter in 1991, Carter has recently focused on his eponymous duo with No Neck Blues Band co-founder Pat Murano; Sarin Smok e, his duo with Pete Swanson; and his solo performances and recordings, which have increasingly featured visual components - including collaborations with filmmakers Martha Colburn and Margarida Garcia. Currently, Carter is planning a so lo US tour with Gate, and working on two solo LPs for release in 2014.

Born barely south of the Mason-Dixon line, and just in time for the Summer of Love, Tom Carter led a decidedly non-hippy existence being shuffled around various fa rm and mining towns in Maryland and Ohio by his newspaperman father, before finally making his way to Texas in 1985, just in time to watch all the good hardcore bands die. Already obsessed with American pre-punk and British post-punk, Ca rter dove into the lysergic musical waters of Texas with both feet, augmenting his guitar skills with unreliable instruments, cranky analog electronics, and disintegrating practice amps. Over the ensuing decades, he refined his evolving ideas of tonal immersion (and the quest for the perfect fuzz tone) into a layered sonic toolkit of rough beauty. He now lives in New York City.

"At the heart of Tom Carter's music lies a fascination with the acoustical possibilities o f the guitar - not as a single instrument, a single voice, but as a multitude of voices, all waiting to be discovered through a little expert handiwork." (French, translation from Visitation Rites blog)

The myriad sounds of hey, lightning cascade across audience eardrums in shades of magenta and periwinkle, immersing the room in a wash of distortion and sh immering cymbals that acts as a solvent to help the lyrical content sink in. Assembled 2013, Cola.

cat arm is Brett Lee of Form and Function. Ambient/improv.

Wednesday, September 4 2013
8pm (doors at 7:30pm)

Helado Negro

The son of Ecuadorean immigrants, Helado Negro was born in South Florida in 1980. His childhood was suffused with tropical heat, humidity, hurricanes, all refracted with the rich sounds and colors of the various Latin American cultures of southern Florida. Pounding bass beats from pa ssing cars, boom boxes bouncing down the block, and late-night parties called "peñas" provided a foundation for Helado Negro's interest in sound and lifelong quest to discover the unlimited variety of objects used to produce music. Most recently he created a new collaborative group with Julianna Barwick called OMBRE releasing their debut album in 2012 called Believe You Me. Helado Negro has worked with Bear in Heaven mixing their Pitchfork's Best New Music album B east Rest Forth Mouth. He also produced Prefuse 73's 2010 album Everything She Touched Turned Ampexian.

If that was not enough, Helado Negro's other projects include ROM, Epstein, and Helado Negro. Epstein is Helado Negro's "beats and loops" project, a friendly beast born of the MPC sampler. Epstein's wildly prolific output, including a se ries of digital releases, full-lengths, and a remix album, is a gauzy, sunny kind of dancemusic that references DJ mixing, summertime blockparties, and mellow compositional noise. Helado Negro came together when Helado Negro moved to New York in 2006 (he now calls Crown Heights, Brooklyn home). The early group concept grew through projects and experiments Roberto would conduct while recording himself and others in his home studio. Loops, computer synthesis, record sampl es, and live instruments provided the foundation for the first full-length, Awe Owe, a vibrant, shimmering, full-band Latin psyche-funk-folk epic.

After taking time to create a new series of sound sculptures, release a Helado Negro EP, score one film and begin work on another (based around his animation), Helado Negro recently holed up in a cabin in the Connecticut woods to record the follow-up to Awe Owe. Canta Lechuza is the latest incarnation of Helado Negro and its sound may come as a surprise. Gone is the big collaborative group jam of previous work and in its place is Helado-Negro-as-intimate-solo-project. C anta Lechuza feels like the place it was recorded - its vocals and beats and synth lines coming together to craft a warm, buoyant, comforting electronic dance sound, an effortless, personal thing anchored by Helado Negro's warm, earthy, conversational voice. Based around field recordings and live instrumentation fed through computer processing, Canta Lechuza is a thoroughly modern affair, a thing drenched in texture and mood. The album has the feeling of hibernation, of satisfying days spent keeping warm next to the fire, of hot tea and technology as constant companions. It's the kind of record that feels good to hear alone, but throw it on at your next danceparty and you will have no complaints. This is the world of Helado Negro. Keep an eye on him. He'll always have a surprise for you...

Tuesday, September 3 2013
8pm (doors at 7pm)
$7 in advance / $8 at the door


Ever envy a second-grader for having field day? Never again! Join us for music, food, yardsale, crafts, arts, and GAMES. We'll have a three-legged race, egg race, water balloon toss, and more!

2-5: Rock n Roll Yard Sale
Sell cool stuff. Buy cool stuff. Arts, crafts, junk, treasure.
($7/vendor in addition to show cover, bring your own table)
($7 cover for show)

Bring a grill and/or fixins for good eats

5-12 Games! Music!

Event Schedule
_____ __
5 Quark Lepton
6 Craig Butterfield
7 TC Costello
8 The Post Timey String Band
9 Darren Woodlief (Joined by Jason Switzer, of The Pentodes and Chris Compton & The Ruby Brunettes.)
10 The Pussywillows
11 Sleepy Kitty

5:45 Egg Race
6:45 Three Legged Race
7:45 Sparkler Freeze Tag
8:45 Water Balloon Toss
9:45 Silly Glow Relay
(game event sign-up begins at 2pm and closes 45 minutes before each respec tive game for set-up purposes)

Saturday, August 31 2013
5pm (doors at 2pm)

Christopher Bell ~~~ Post-Timey String Band ~~~ Craig Butterfield

Strapping his cello to his body like a guitar, Christopher Bell tears and slaps at it, even using a slide and distortion for some blues songs. He squeezes out every noise he ca n; Beethoven would be rolling over in his grave.

Last October, Bell released Win Peter Winters, an opera blending modern folk and banjo with baroque string quartets, creating an otherworldly odyssey filled with gods and ghosts, loves lost and found. His new solo release sees him returning to indie rock. Strings dance, distort and sway around pounding drums and synthesizers, all presided over by Bell's intricate storytelling. Featuring corrupt politicians, alcoholics and adulterers, his songs weave lyrical paths through the lives of these unreliable narrators.

Live, Bell takes his songs to a new level. Relying on a looping pedal, he records as he plays▒~@~Tcreating choirs, symphonies and marching bands with the tap of his foot. There, he meanders in and out of songs, molding them as the mood strikes him. Bell flows into medleys, blurring Bach into Bill Withers and back.

With a good mixture of quirky and serious, Post-Timey String Band produce an interesting blend of folk, ragtime, and blues that hails influence from the ol d and the new. Kelley McLachlan creates the picture with her vocals/kazoo/mouth trumpet and keeps everything in beat with her rhythm guitar (and sometimes banjo!) while Sean Thomson colors everything in with an assortment of stringed ins truments.

During 2004 and 2005, Craig Butterfield toured with the legendary jazz trumpet player Maynard Ferguson. As a member of Ferguson's Big Bop Nouveau band, he performed in some of the most famous venues in the world, including the Blue Note in New York, Ronnie Scott's in London, and the Bangkok Cultural Arts center as a special guest of the King of Thailand. A week at Ronnie Scott's in London was recorded and r eleased as Maynard Ferguson's final live CD entitled MF Horn 6. He has been a guest artist at the San Miguel International jazz festival in Mexico as well as the Ollin Kan world music festival in Mexico City. Dr. Butterfield has been act ive in the studio as well, appearing on several jazz CDs as both a performer and as a producer with artists such as Steve Weist, Chip McNeill, and David Braid. Most recently, he performed as an artist and clinician in South Korea and Jap an.

Wednesday, August 28 2013
8pm (doors at 7pm)

Brother Outsider

In celebration of the 50th anniversary of the March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom, the film is about Bayard Rustin, the gay strategist who was the prime organizer of the march.

Since its premiere at the Sundance Film Festival, Br other Outsider has introduced millions of viewers around the world to the life and work of Bayard Rustin - a visionary strategist and activist who has been called "the unknown hero" of the civil rights movement. A disciple of Gandhi, a m entor to Martin Luther King Jr., and the architect of the 1963 March on Washington, Rustin dared to live as an openly gay man during the fiercely homophobic 1940s, 1950s and 1960s. Go to for more about the film and the man.

SC Equality, a statewide non-partisan coalition of local and state social, religious and political GLBT organizations and allies with a missio n to secure civil and human rights for gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender South Carolinians is cosponsoring the showing.

Tuesday, August 27 2013
6pm (doors at 5:30pm)

Crunk Witch ~~~ Cover Of Afternoon ~~~ The Losos ~~~ Mybrother Mysister

Come on out to this Hot Toast party where we'll be serving up hot music smothered in sweet love!

This glorious line-up is:

Crunk Witch (nerdy electro-rock from Maine)

Cover Of Afternoon (hard rock)

The Losos (prog-metal)

Mybrother Mysister (indie-rock)

Sunday, August 25 2013
8pm (doors at 7pm)

Rubrics ~~~ Nailbiter ~~~ Burnt Books ~~~ Discourage

Miles sez:
Rubrics - Punk is not a dirty word to this three-piece, that from what I've seen, completely holds the Greenville scene together. Big ups to these gu ys.

Nailbiter - South Carolina's most potent HC/PV. If you think you've got an S on your chest, you better wear two vests.

Burnt Books - From what I've heard, Burnt Books has been writing new tunes lately. If you're late to the party, you can stream their album from their page.

Discourage - We are an emotional response to the global despair of Capitalist States; to the pitfalls and stagnation of a community who recognizes it, but chooses not to care. We are the enemy of Anarchism's weekend warriors. We exist to spite the jaded, once-proud elders of our culture that would scoff at those that might pick up the pieces of their would-be accomplishments. We are the firebombs at your fucking peaceful protest.

Saturday, August 24 2013
8pm (doors at 7:30pm)

Wham Bam Bowie Band!

"It's almost a disservice to call The Wham Bam Bowie Band a "tribute act". They embody the sound and vision of Ziggy Stardust-era David Bowie, yes, but they do so in a way that both creates the ambience of the early 70s yet somehow f eels fresh and new. Put another way, they get it so right that they make it look and sound effortless. If you never saw or heard prime-era Bowie --- or if you did, and you miss the spectacle --- then you need to make the effort to witnes s this band."
Bill Kopp,

Thursday, August 22 2013
9pm (doors at 8pm)
$7 in advance here /
$8 at the door

Ghosts of the Kodiak ~~~ The Lovely Few ~~~ Two Fell In A Foxhole

Ghosts of the Kodiak combines honest, confronting lyrics with dynamic, textural melodies, often starting out calm and minimal and crescendoing to powerful climaxes.

The Lovely Few is a Columbia based electronic-folk-pop trio. Pairing acoustic and electronic elements, epic allusions and tender vocals, The Lovely Few seeks to creat e approachable yet cerebral songs on humanity, divinity, and everything in between.

Two Fell In A Foxhole is an idea conceived circa late 2009 and put to life late 2012. aims to provide both high entertainmen t and songs that inspire thought and occasionally haunt.

Wednesday, August 21 2013
8:30pm (doors at 8pm)

Louis Logic ~~~ Karmessiah ~~~ Salvo ~~~ Pornojumpstart

Louis Logic: with three studio albums and an EP under his belt (Sin-A-Matic, The Odd Couple "Alcohol/Ism", Misery Loves Comedy and S pork Kills "Beaches Love US" EP) and a laundry list of collaborations with artists such as J-Zone, Jedi Mind Tricks and MF DOOM▒~@~Tuses a unique singer/songwriter approach to crafting rap records.

Karmessiah: Karmessiah's beats, steeped in techno-lush psychedelics, are both caustic and sensual, sharing a vibe with some of Columbia's underground electronic artists. In spite of this, his music hasn't found much traction in town, and he says he'd move to another market if the opportunity presented itself. But none of that will keep Karmessiah from making music while he's here.

Pornojumpstart: One day my old dvd player decided to quit working... so i popped in a porno and then every other dvd afterwards would work properly until the next use of t he dvd player. it happened all too often so i dubbed the process the "porno jump-start"....

Tuesday, August 20 2013
8:30pm (doors at 8pm)

Duane Pitre
Greg Stuart & Nathan Halverson

Duane Pitre is an American avant-garde composer, performer, and sound artist. His work often focuses on the interaction between electronic sound and acoustic instrumentation, chaos and discipline, as well as site-specificity. The composer also utilizes alternate tuning schemes that focus on microtonality, enabling him to explore unaccustomed intervallic relationships. He has created works for various instrumentation configurations such as string orchestra, his own bowed harmonic-guitar ensemble, string/wind ensembles, as well as solo works (including for himself).
His solo set for this tour will use themes and elements fr om Bridges, in conjunction with brand-new material that utilizes analog synthesizers (retuned in Extended Just Intonation) and probability-based systems (designed by Pitre) controlled via laptop. The performance will also have a visual e lement, in the form of a video projection.

Greg Stuart is a percussionist from St. Paul, Minn., currently residing in Columbia, S.C. His work explores various alternative percussion techniques, including sustained friction, gravity-based sounds via small grains, sympathetic vibration and electronic instruments.
Nathan Halverson is a digital media artist whose work, most often in sound and video, uses elements of field recording, live electronics, improvisa tion and appropriation.

Saturday, August 17 2013
9pm (doors at 8:30pm)

Motel Glory ~~~ Legggs ~~~ Nicholas and the Human Race ~~~ Release The Dog

Friday, August 16 2013
9pm (doors at 8pm)

Bombadil ~~~ SC Broadcasters

Bombadil...a combination of open-minded chamber folk and the bright and sunny pop music of the 1960s.

Bombadil is a North Carolina-based band whose music is a quirky, s ophisticated twist on vintage pop, indie rock and alt/country, and are managed by the same team who manage the Avett Brothers. " indie record done right," "...a combination of open-minded chamber folk and the bright and sunny pop m usic of the 1960s," "...sounds like the folk/rock 'Sgt. Pepper's,'" and "...everything an indie record should be," are just some of the comments from writers about Metrics of Affection (their latest album, on Ramseur Records).

"Southern children going forward at top volume" is truly what this little mission band born at a Bar-B-Que joint on the side of the road is. The SC Broadcasters are not to be mi ssed. From heart stompin' love songs to rowdy gospel numbers that'll make you shout hallelujah there is a rare beauty and honesty in the trio's music. Ivy, Sarah, and David share a common passion that creates a sound that often amazes ev en them. "It's not old-time, it's not bluegrass, it's The South Carolina Broadcasters!" Be it an old standard out of the hymnal or a song from their own pen, their music is alive. The trio has shared the stage with Ralph Stanley, Taj Mah al, Ricky Scaggs, and the Carolina Chocolate Drops.

Thursday, August 15 2013
9pm (doors at 8pm)
$8 in advance here / $10 at the door

Comedy Improv Workshop w/ MICAH SHERMAN

$20 per person; 15 person maximum!

Thinking about the rules while you're onstage? Stuck in your head? Thinking about what you're going to say before you say it?

Using a variety of exercises to pull you out of your head and making small adjustments to your natural inclinations onstage, Micah Sherman will get your mind to a place where it is truly improvising again.
(This workshop emphasizes stage time rather than sitting and talking about improv theory.)

M ICAH SHERMAN is an alumnus of the Second City and iO Theaters in Chicago, Improv Asylum and Improv Boston in Boston and currently performs regularly at the People's Improv Theater in New York City. He also performed musical improv with B aby Wants Candy at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in Scotland. Micah has been in movies and on television but really it's his improv you're interested in, isn't it?

And right after the workshop, you could also see Myq Kaplan and MC Mr. Napkins perform comedy!

(If a minimum of 5 people do not attend, the class will be canceled! Sorry for any inconvenience!)

Tuesday, August 13 2013
6pm (doors at 5:30pm)
$20, available online here

Myq Kaplan

Myq is a Last Comic Standing Finalist and has appeared on the Tonight Show, the Late Show with David Letterman, Comedy Central Presents, and Conan. The Comedians magazine calls him "a comedy machine, in the best possible way. the way that some machines vend soda or prevent other machines from killing future revolutionaries - that's how Myq Kaplan does comedy: relentlessly, methodically, unblinkingly." His comedy album "Vegan Mind Me ld" was a Top 10 ITUNES release.

Touring with Myq is musical comedian ZACH SHERWIN also known as MC MR. NAPKINS. Sherwin recently released his album "MC Mr. Napkins: The Album" on Comedy Central Records and performed at Montreal's pres tigious Just For Laughs Festival. Supporting the touring acts will be local performers JOHN GIBSON, WAYNE COUSINS, CAMILO POTES, and JENN SNYDER.

Tuesday, August 13 2013
9pm (doors at 8pm)
$8 in advance here / $10 at the door

Sadgiqacea ~~~ Hivelords ~~~ Sein Zum Tode

SADGIQACEA & HIVELORDS are on a full US tour, DIY style, and are coming through the southeast. A lot of attention has been given to SADGIQACEA's newest offering, False Prism, from the likes of Decibel, Invisible Oranges, and Pitchfork. R eleased by Candlelight Records (Havok, Orange Goblin, Woe, Earth Crisis).

5 Bucks/Clams/Bones/USD
All Ages Welcome

Sadgiqacea - Detrimental Sludge/Doom Riddled Sonic Assault
(Candlelight/Anthropic Records)

Hivelords - Black Sabbath Riffs Performed By The Victims of a Bad Acid Trip
(Anthropic Records)

Sein Zum Tode - Experimental Heaviness That Will Give You A Stroke
(Fork & Spoon Records)

Monday, August 12 2013
8pm (doors at 7:30pm)

The Mary Chasers, Tyler Boone, & Loner's Society

11 years after their last show in Colorado, The Mary Chasers with new guitarist John Drake and Kelly Powers of The Tinbenders, bring their indie/garage/punk rock to Conundrum Music Hall. New songs, old favs and Hug Monkey will be on hand for photos with you. Supporting will be Charleston favorites and King City Records artists Tyler Boone and Loner's Society ( The South Carolina Music Guide will be on hand with brand new T-shirts and there to answer any question artists and fans have for them. Hope to see you there!

Saturday, August 10 2013
8pm (doors at 7pm)

Modalcoda ~~~ Derek Poteat ~~~
Form and Function

Modalcoda envisions a world party where the Dog Faced Hermans, Can, Miles Davis, Lalo Schifrin, and Black Sabbath exchange recipes for Clamato cocktails and take turns d eejaying.

Derek Poteat performs in an electric bass sanctuary.

Form and Function: experimental guitar/drums/electronics

Friday, August 9 2013
9pm (doors at 8pm)

Rise of the Broken ~~~ The Coordinates ~~~ Deleveled ~~~ Richard Strater

Rise of the Broken: With catchy lyrics and harmonies, Kevin Rodriguez brings his guitar and melodic vocals into a full band set that will draw your attention immediately, adding a different sound to the alternative genre with his personal lyrics.

The Coordinates: Indie-Soul Rock band from the Woodlands, Tx. Original sound similar to that of Kings of Leon, Manchester Orchestra, and Two Door Cinema Club. Influenced in writing by life, religion, and relationships. The Coordinates is- Tanner Bishop-guitar, piano, and lead vocals. Joe Molina-K eys and vocals. Greg Graves-Bass and vocals. Andy Gray-Drums.

Deleveled recorded "Rock is for Lovers" in 2009 and 2010 with its feverish live shows in mind. To give listeners a taste of their stage prowess, songs were recorded in jam-session style. The result is raw intensity packaged in plastic.

Having shared a stage with recognizable names like Crossfade, LA Guns, Deepfi eld, Sent by Ravens and Villanova, Deleveled looks forward to continuing to solidify its presence on the rock music scene and becoming a name you won't soon forget.

Richard Strater writes his own tunes and performs them as often as he can.

Sunday, August 4 2013
8pm (doors at 7:30pm)
$5 (21+) and $8 (<21)



Pornojumpstart ~~~ Karmessiah ~~~ Sandcastles

Pornojumpstart sez: "Kickoff party of Pornojumpstart tour featuring 2 of my most favorite acts that i've never seen perform live!!!
Great treat for everyone and myself before i'm off to ju mping porns across the nation."

Friday, August 2 2013
10pm (doors at 9pm)

Steve Marquette Quintet

A group capable of producing moments of frightening power and striking sensitivity, the Steve Marquette Quintet (formed 2012) features the talents of New Orleans musicians Jeff Albert (trombone), Brad Walker (saxophone), Jesse Morrow (ba ss), Steve Marquette (guitar) and Marcello Benetti (drums). Though primarily showcasing Marquette's compositions, their democratic nature provide a vehicle for all the musicians to express their unique voices and conceptions. Drawing upo n the leaders eclectic spirit, the quintet brings together elements of free jazz, collective improvisation, noise/rock, and other strains of the jazz tradition. Their debut recording, 'I Knew It Then' (2013), also marks the first release of Two Cities records - Marquette's record label dedicated to documenting Chicago and New Orleans improvising musicians.

Tuesday, July 30 2013
8:30pm (doors at 8pm)


Holiness Church of the Valley ~~~ Gnarwhal ~~~ Braindead

Holiness Church of the Valley plays a type of violent screamo -

Gnarwhal is 2 piece mathy, fast screamo/punk.

Braindead is local beautiful space jams (Columbia SC).

Sunday, July 28 2013
8pm (doors at 7:30pm)

Dr. Roundhouse, w/ Organic Jukebox & Flee The Vault

Dr. Roundhouse returns to Conundrum Music Hall on July 26th! Special guests: Chris Lawther's Organic Jukebox and Flee The Vault! You don't wanna miss this one ladies and gents.

Friday, July 26 2013
9pm (doors at 8pm)

Lost River Cavemen ~~~ The Restoration ~~~ The Pussywillows ~~~ Polly Pry

8:00-8:30 Polly Pry

8:45-9:30 Lost River Cavemen

9:45-10:15 The Pussywillows

10:30-11:20 The Restoration

Wednesday, July 24 2013
8pm (doors at 7pm)


Compromised is a new 90-minute film on the unending saga of the Confederate flag, featuring SC notables, by Columbia filmmaker Tom Hall. The film takes a look at all of the memorials, grave markers, statutes, and symbols on the St ate House grounds dedicated of the lost cause and white supremacy to analyze the true reasons why the General Assembly voted to remove the flag from State House dome to place it front and center on Main Street.

Tuesday, July 23 2013
6pm (doors at 5:30pm)

Beyond Pink ~~~ Reproacher ~~~ Primitive Man ~~~ they eat their own god ~~~ The Skuds

Beyond Pink- Malmö, Sweden!!!
Anarc@Femme Fastcore that'll leave none of y'all bored! Bread and Water.

Reproacher- Cheyenne, Wyoming
Very dark and unrelenting hardcore channeling loneliness & anger.

Primitive Man- Denver, Colorado
Phenomenal Doom Metal that incorporates hypnotic black noise.

they eat their own god - Columbia, South Carolina
Crust-Positive Flower Violence Peace Punks ... ... ...

The Skuds- Augusta, GA
Elder upper-crustlords, vanguard of the extraterrestrial embassy by the nuclear river.

Sunday, July 21 2013
7pm (doors at 6:30pm)

Rabbit Rabbit Radio ~~~ Falling Off A Building

Rabbit Rabbit Radio is Carla Kihlstedt and Mathias Bossi.  You may have seen them in Columbia before... in Sleepytime Gorilla Museum, Two Fo ot Yard, or Causing a Tiger.  This time they're bringing us some darkly elegant songs, performed with their voices, a violin, a piano, various percussions, and whatnot.  Maybe a giant harmonica.  It will be quite special.

"... a bold, careening mashup of styles: progressive and jazzy art-pop meets classical/gypsy fantasies with Kihlstedt's vocals twisting and turning melodies inside out and upside down.
"Writing songs is the art of putting a frame arou nd a story," Kihlstedt notes, "We try to be faithful to what each story needs rather than being faithful to a particular style or genre."  Adds Bossi: "we draw on our love of classical music and all of its intricacy and detail.   We revel in the simplicity of a backbeat with blocky chords.   We nerd out to prog-rock.   We swoon over melody-masters Bacharach and Bowie.   And we execute it all on a carefully selected acoustic sound palette."
It is a lso unlike anything you'll hear today, this week or this year.

Falling Off A Building is Adam Clayton Cullen and Amy Cuthbertson of Can't Kids on guitar and cello, respectively. Also there will be singing.

Friday, July 19 2013
8pm (doors at 7pm)

Stereofly's Summertime Picnic Party

Come to Conundrum Music Hall in Columbia on July 16th for the Stereofly Summertime Picnic Party. Doors are at 6pm, and we will have Joe Turkaly doing a wonderful BBQ feast an d The Wurst Wagen serving their delicious German sausages! Come with a hungry belly. Savannah-based artist Samantha Woodson will be displaying her artwork outside. Bring a pi cnic blanket and/or basket.

We're bringing the one-and-only What Cheer? Brigade from Providence, RI. This is your chance to lose all self-control outside (dance, shake, tw erk) of Conundrum to the beat of this phenomenal 19-piece marching band.

We also have Yip Deceiver, the dance-party side project from of Montreal members Davey Pierce and Nicolas Dobbratz.

New West Records artist Ponderosa will also be performing, bringing their reverby rock n' roll from Atlanta to our fair city.

Closing the night out wi ll be sandcastles. They are releasing their new album TANTRUMS, so bring some extra cash to make it rain on Bakari.

Tuesday, July 16 2013
7:30pm (doors at 6:00pm)

Jenie Hoffman & Ashley Berendzen

Hey friends! Come to Conundrum on July 14th at 8:00pm to hear a saxophone (plus) concert. We will be playing works by George Fetner, Luke Nemitz, Astor Piazzolla, Erik Satie, Earle Brown, and Jacob ter Veldhuis.

Performers are:

Jenie Hoffman, alto/tenor saxophones
Gabe Fadale, alto saxophone
Andy Jurik, guitar/electric guitar
K nott Jonathan, electric guitar
Michelle Wachter, piano

Also! This is a collaboration with local artist, Ashley Berendzen. Ashley will be making paintings inspired by t he pieces being played which will then be sold. Half of the proceeds of these sales will go to either the SPCA or Pets, Inc.

Come hang out, have fun, hear some music, pic k up some art, and fund a worthy cause!

Sunday, July 14 2013
8pm (doors at 7pm)

Swank Sinatra ~~~ Ghost @ the Feast ~~~
hey, lightning

"Swank Sinatra... is by turns silly, eccentric and irreverent, all code words for personality, which is something that is often lacking in this scene." - Late st Disgrace

Ghost @ the Feast is a band from all over columbia, sc.

hey, lightning: The myriad sounds of hey, lightning cascade across audience eardrums in shades of magenta and periwinkle, immersing the room in a wash of dist ortion and shimmering cymbals that acts as a solvent to help the lyrical content sink in. Assembled 2013, Cola.

Friday, July 12 2013
9pm (doors at 8pm)


ABACUS - Southern sludge in a punk-as-fuck package.

BUDD DWYER - Hard-Ass New Jersey Grindcore, and Homeboys of Big Werm. You might have picked up a demo at the McDuffie s how.

SPOILAGE - Good ol' Baltimore Crusters on tour with Budd Dwyer.

DISCOURAGE - Elder Crust Lord Heroes who staved the groder invasion of Aiken, alongside Abacus and Sein Zum of house Tode.

Thursday, July 11 2013
9pm (doors at 8pm)


The North and South Dakotas ~~~ Mybrother Mysister ~~~ Pocket Buddha ~~~ Canary in the Coalmine

The North and South Dakotas is a vocally based, americana, folk, country, rock group from Upstate NY. The band has shared the stage with the likes of Deer Tick, Giant Panda Geurilla Dub Squad, Jamie Kent, Waylon Speed, Ryan Montbleau, Barefoot Truth, Yarn, and The Mallett Brothers Band.

Mybrother Mysister plays alternative rock/Indie Rock/melodic punk/experimental music.

Pocket Buddha writes and plays acoustic music using guitars, a cajon (box drum) and voices. It's a little bit country, and little bit funk. Whatever it is, they tr y to keep it simple and groovy.

Canary in the Coalmine is an Americana Folk band fronted by songwriters Jessica Pounds and Sandy Wicker. A haunting quality underscores striking vocal harmonies that provide a focal point for the band's Appalachian folk and alt country influences. It's that uniquely characteristic sound of their voices together that first caught the girls' attention in July of 2009, when they crossed p aths busking in the streets of Asheville, North Carolina. It was love at first sound. They were immediately struck by an undeniable compatibility, and although they lived 500 miles apart the band was formed within four months.

Tuesday, July 9 2013
8pm (doors at 7pm)

Glenn Jones ~~~ Stagbriar

Glenn Jones is a unique voice working in the decadeslong tradition of American Primitivism. What sets him apart from the many devotees to this style is the combination of expressive playing and technical skill, most significantly his inventive use of alternate tunings and partial capos. As anyone knows who has seen him perform, Glenn is a remarkable storyteller, and his songs reflect that talent. The songs on Glenn's latest album, My Garden State, are evocative and redolent, and serve as a testament to Glenn's talent for conveying a wide array of emotions, many times in one song, without saying a word.

Stagbriar is brother/sister duo Alex & Emily McCollum; from Columbia, SC.

Monday, July 8 2013
8pm (doors at 7pm)


Nemesis II

Saturday, July 6 2013
7pm (doors at )


TIM DAISY presents an evening of solo percussion

Friday, July 5 2013
9pm (doors at 8:30pm)

Space Idea Tapes presents: SPITFEST

Thursday, July 4 2013
2pm til 12am

Benefit for Transitions
The Mobros ~~~ Ned and the Dirt ~~~ Daddy Lion ~~~ Post-Timey String Band

Proceeds to benefit Transitions homeless shelter and recovery program

The Mobros:

Ned and the Dirt:

Daddy Lion:

The Post-Timey String Band:

Friday, June 28 2013
9pm (doors at 8pm)

Miles To Go ~~~ Hey, Lightning ~~~ The Good Witch

We finished our album, Gypsy!
We want to play it for you now!
Looking forward to sharing it.
Really excited to be playing with the good witch and hey, lightning!

Thursday, June 27 2013
9pm (doors at 8pm)

Tonight A Clown Will Travel Time

is a fast-paced live-action comic book!

Clown, archivist, and amateur scientist Albert Billows has built a time machine. Mr. Billows requests the presence of an audience at Conundrum Music Hall to witness its maiden voyage. Please be warned, there will be danger, balloon animals, and heartbreak. Pittsburgh-based puppet company Miniature Curiosa presents this immersive puppet spectacle for one night only in Columbia as part of their North American tour. Integrating li ve-projection technology, the Victorian pastime of Toy Theater, and a canopy filled with LEDs, Tonight a Clown Will Travel is not to be missed! The show starts at 8pm. Tonight a Clown Will Travel Time is not intended for young audiences. The performance is one hour.

Wednesday, June 26 2013
8pm (doors at 7pm)
$10 at the door (or in advance here)

Spirit System ~~~ Braindead ~~~ Foodcomputer ~~~ Luminous Umbrae

Spirit System was established in late 2012 when Eric Gilstrap (Telltale/Clouder/Elevator Action) left Brooklyn for his native NC in search of his longtime collaborator La urie Ruroden (Telltale/Elevator Action). Interested in pursuing unfinished ideas and eager to explore new sonic horizons, the duo's complicity came naturally and soon bedroom demos came to light. Within a few short weeks the recordings a ttracted the attention of NC perennial Marty Rogers (Love Craft/Japan Air/Wilde Blood). Intrigued by the duo's use of ecstatic reverb, unnatural distortions and a knack for cavernous vocal hooks, Marty helped speed up the transformation of Spirit System from recording duo to a full band. Fast Forward >>> After the debut performance, drummer Scott Brandenburg (Wilde Blood / Love Craft) joined the band, adding to Spirit System's already snowballing canyon of sound. Fierce ly independent and unhindered by sensational trends, Spirit System find themselves drenched in gloomy psych/wave with post-punk machinations ...together in the merciful dark.

Braindead plays ambient rock-like music.

Foodcomputer plays Electronica / Psychedelic / Instrumental music.

Luminous Umbrae is a heavily-effected guitar improv thing by Chad Senkyrik.

Monday, June 24 2013
8pm (doors at 7:30pm)

SC Irish Arts Weekend

Friday, June 21 2013
8:00 Concert

Saturday, June 22 2013
6:30 Shindig & Picnic

Sunday, June 23 2013
10:00am Early Bird Session

Come see Athens' natives New Madrid and Bambara at Conundrum along with Columbia-bred Dead Surf and The Haves.

The Haves - 8:30 -9:00
Bambara - 9:15- 10:15
New Madrid - 10:30 - 11:20
Dead Surf 11:35- 12:20

Thursday, June 20 2013
8:30pm (doors at 8:00pm)

Dead Pedals ~~~ Post-Timey String Band ~~~ Pocket Buddha

The debut of Pocket Buddha's new lineup and two of our favorites - The Post Timey String Band and The Dead Pedals

Saturday, June 15 2013
8pm (doors at 7:30pm)

Sean O. G. Burns

an evening of music, sarcasm, and balloons

Sunday, June 16 2013
8pm (doors at 7:30pm)

Free Time ~~~ Dear Blanca ~~~ Young Mumbles

Free Time formed in the summer of 2012 around Melbourne luminary Dion Nania (Panel of Judges). After moving to New York in 2011, Nania kicked around for a while, played s ome lead guitar with fellow Melbourne transplants Scott and Charlene's Wedding, then helped out the Twerps playing bass on a US tour. Shortly thereafter he began writing new songs with the intent of putting a new band together, enlisting the support of Adrienne Humblet on bass, Jonah Maurer on guitar, and Michael Mimoun on drums. Filling out Nania's jangly, sometimes heartbreaking pop, the band quickly recorded most of their first LP the day before Dion flew home to mix it. He returned with fragments for new songs and the band finished the record in December 2012.
Nania's songs tell stories of following love across the world, of being unsure about the future and of his place in it. Like the trans-p acific ping pong of the last 2 years of his life, the songs veer between sweet sadness and wild exuberance. Free Time's eponymous debut is due for release on May 28, 2013.

Given life in 2011 and named after the late grandmother of Dylan Dickerson, Dear Blanca consists of Dickerson himself and long-time bandmate Marc Coty on drums. Offering an eclectic range of sounds inspired by diverse acts such as 80's punk group Minutemen as well as Townes Van Zandt, Dear Blanca promises energetic rock music coupled with folk-songwriting aesthetics both mild-mannered and rambu nctious.

Young Mumbles are reuniting! Come see them reunite.

Tuesday, June 18 2013
8pm (doors at 7:30pm)


Soldier of the Road

Film maker Bernard Josse's documentary about Peter Brötzmann was made in collaboration with journalist and photographer Gérard Rouy, who has been following Brötzmann since the early 70s. It looks at Brötzmann's live performances and artwork, and takes in interviews and performances with Han Bennink, Evan Parker, Ken Vandermark, Mats Gustafsson, Joe McPhee, Jeb Bishop, Fred Lomberg-Holm, Michael Zerang, and others.

This is a very interesting film and admission is free!

Short subjects at 7pm, film starts at 7:30. Drinks and snacks available. Free treats, too!

Monday, June 10 2013
7:30pm (doors at 7:00pm)

performs the music of
Ike Willis was a regular member of Frank Zappa's studio and touring bands from 1978 until the last tour in 1988. He is renowned for playing Joe in Joe's Garage, providing vocals o n Tinsel Town Rebellion, You Are What You Is, and The Man from Utopia, and as the title character and narrator in Zappa's off-Broadway-styled conceptual musical Thing-Fish.

Ugly Radio Rebellion was originally formed in July 2002 as a Detroit, MI band known as Uncle Meat. Guitarist Scott Schroen felt inspired to start a project consisting of everyone and anyone capable of playing the music of Frank Zappa. An ad was placed in the local paper simply stating, "musicians wanted to perform the music of Frank Zappa" and so ensued a few weekends of what was later dubbed, "Zappa Sur vivor". Groups of musicians would essentially drill selected pieces during rehearsal and later everyone would vote on who they think should stay for the next round. After a few no-shows, a few driven to quit by musical intimidation and a collection of other circumstances, the few that were left from the 'survivor' sessions ultimately became the lineup for Uncle Meat. The project performed FZ around the greater Detroit area until the last show on FZ's birthday, December of 2003. With only a few adjustments, Uncle Meat was disbanded and Scott Schroen and Preston Parish reformed the project.

Tuesday, June 11 2013
9pm (doors @ 8:30)

Recess in Columbia

With extra awesome help from South Carolina's MVP, Jessica Oliver, Recess Fest brings a one day extravaganza to Columbia! Together we'll host 15 acts from around the Carolinas, with an emphasis on Charlotte and Columbia-based musicians, across five of the city's top independent venues. To purchase tickets, please see the link below. Showtimes will be posted soon, thanks for your support!

Octopus Jones
modern man
Elim Bolt
One Another

Great Architect
Magnetic Flowers
Luciferian Agenda
Dear Blanca

Sandcastles (7:45-8:15)
Late Bloomer (8:30-9:00)
Roomdance (9:15-9:45)
Happiness Bomb (10:00-10:30)

Dumb Doctors
Let's Go, Coyote!
Silent Spring Ensemble
Jordan Igoe

Bo White y Su Orquesta
Fat Rat Da Czar

(super low-priced) TICKETS HERE

Friday, June 14 2013
7:45pm (doors at 7:00pm)

Rejectioneers ~~~ Bad Talk ~~~ Big Awesome

Friday, June 7 2013
9pm (doors at 8pm)

Jeff Young & Paul Pinto ~~~ Richard Pressley ~~~ Greg Stuart

Jeff Young & Paul Pinto, members of theatrical new music collective thingNY, are on a fourteen-city 'Election Tour for a Stranger America' with their absurdly titled work, Jeff Young and Paul Pinto, Patriots, Run for Public Office on a Platform of Swift and Righteous Immigration Reform, Lots of Jobs, and a Healthy Environment: An Opera by Paul Pinto and Jeffrey Young. Created in 2011 as a parody of contemp orary politics and politicians, the half-hour piece focuses on issues of immigration and national identity. New York-based musicians Jeffrey Young and Paul Pinto collaboratively wrote the text, music, and staging, scoring the piece for t heir own voices, violin, percussion, a turntable, and lots of cardboard boxes. In "Patriots", instrumental music alternates with sung and spoken words, zany and humorous topical quips alternate with personal, pointed critiques of the pol itical zeitgeist, fully notated sections merge into structured musical and textual improvisations, and tonal harmonies mix with less traditional musical effects.

Composer and guitarist Richard Pressley has had his music performed by such performers and ensembles as the JACK Quartet, the Minnesota Orchestra, thingNY, Patrick Crossland, ensemble platypus, Richard Ratliff, the Moran Quintet, the Definiens Project, and counter)induction am ong others. He will be presenting some modern solo guitar pieces, along with the premiere of a brand new work for guitar and viola written just for this concert! Check out his website rpressley.c om for some fun listening!

Greg Stuart plays percussion/electronics.

Monday, June 3 2013
8pm (doors at 7:30pm)


Friday, May 31 2013
9pm til 1am
$5 (or FREE w/ 10 vinyl records)

The Dream Is Now (SC Progressive Network Movie Night)

As Sen. Lindsey Graham leads Congress in the debate over immigration reform, this timely film and discussion considers the people most affected. The Dream is Now is a new 30-minute documentary by Academy Award-winning director, Davis Gug genheim (Waiting for 'Superman', An Inconvenient Truth). The Dream is Now gives voice to and puts a human face on the undocumented children of immigrants who are desperate to earn their citizenship and give back to the only country they' ve ever called home. The film also goes beyond the personal. It places these stories in a larger context and explores the consequences of continuing our current policies and maintaining the status quo ▒ consequences not just for these yo ung people today, but for our country's future.

Both moving and thought-provoking, The Dream is Now brings this pressing issue to America's attention, where we can all debate, discuss, and decide for ourselves what is right, what is fair, and what is best for our nation. See the movie trailer here. Free and open to the public. Snacks and beverages available for purchase.

Tuesday, May 28 2013
6pm (doors at 5:30pm)

Dear Sleeper ~~~ The Soap ~~~ Braindead

Dear Sleeper + The Soap are coming to Columbia the last Saturday of May - BE THERE

Saturday, May 25 2013
9pm (doors at 8pm)
$5 - 21+
$8 - under 21

Chuck Mims, Chris Boone, & Kipp Shives

Friday, May 24 2013
9pm (doors at 8:00pm)

Skymonk ~~~ Ghost Mall ~~~ Laton Powers ~~~ Dreiberg

Thursday, May 23 2013
9pm (doors at 8pm)


GX Jupitter-Larsen (sometimes erroneously spelled Juppiter-Larsen) is an artist based in Hollywood, California who's been active in a number of underground art scenes since the late 1970s. Jupitter-Larsen has been involved in punk rock, mail art, cassette culture, the noise music scene, and zine culture.

Shot around the world A Noisy Delivery is the first, yes the 1st, feature - length movie by GX.

Official Trailer:

unofficial Trailers:

The synopsis: a couple were going to get together after the girlfriend had dropped off her package, but the boyfriend will have to keep waiting. The whole day turned out to be an attempt in crossing the distance between nothing and something. Everyone, it seems, was at the post office for philos ophy instead of postage.

Wednesday, May 22 2013
8pm (doors at 7:30pm)

Atlas Road Crew, Vitek, & Marshall Brown Band

Tuesday, May 21 2013
9pm (doors at 8:00pm)

Crank Sturgeon ~~~ PCRV ~~~ Dromez ~~~ Ironing ~~~ Plank Ewing

Space Idea presents a night of noisey improv performance and sound installation from versatile and accomplished artists from five different states.

Crank Sturgeon , coming out of Maine has performed hundreds of shows and countless touring using various elements such as make-shift homemade microphones, absurd folk-esque humor, outrageous recycled trash costumes, and an ability to transform a room/s pace while incorporating audience participation.

PCRV, or Pop Culture Rape Victim, from Montana packs a harsh noise set often using piercing feedback sounds mixed with Dada inspired flair.

Dromez is Liz from Texas. She uses harsh power-electronic style screams/shrills and plays sometimes guitar. She also has sick sync'd up lights that complement he r set.

Ironing is Andrew Chadwick, of Gainsville Florida. He runs Action Research documenting experimental performances traveling from all over. His sets include variou s samples, turntablism, and sound manipulation techniques of the DIY realm.

Plank Ewing is Jamie who runs Space Idea. Performances in the past have included cassette tape installations, harsh vocals, and contact mic sensations.

Sunday, May 19 2013
9pm (doors at 8pm)

Brannen, Burland, & Schultz ~~~
Jeff Crompton/ Ben Gettys Duo

Brannen, Burland, & Schultz is Serson Brannen (The Subliminator), Scott Burland and Frank Schultz (both from Duet for Theremin and Lap Steel). This Atlant a band combines Hang, Theremin and Lap Steel into an improvised rhythmic stillness that captures a wide variety of timbres and moods.

Jeff Crompton/ Ben Gettys Duo: Saxophonist/composer Jeff Crompton and bassist Ben Gettys have played together for almost 30 years - in Atlanta's legendary Bazooka Ants, in the Jeff Crompton Quartet, in the 4th Ward Afro-Klezmer Orchestra, as a duet, and even in blues bands. Jeff is active in the Atlanta avant-garde jazz scene, while Ben is now living in the Columbia area. The Jeff Crompton/Ben Gettys Duo focus es on edgy jazz - challenging, avant-garde, yet accessible.

Saturday, May 18 2013
8pm (doors at 7:30pm)

Jonathan Byrd ~~~ Alien Carnival

The Jonathan Byrd Band is a surprising ensemble of sweeping string arrangements, raw electric blues guitar, four part harmonies, and even the ghostly sound of a crosscut hand saw played with a bass bow. Cellist Paul Ford and utility man Johnny Waken honed their chops in rock bands on the Jersey Shore when Bon Jovi was a local act and Bruce Springsteen still showed up in the clubs. Omar Ruiz-Lopez is a violist with the Durham Symphony and a first-call fiddler and mandolinist for a host of bands in the Triangle's fertile music scene. The most impressive feat of this u▒ber-band is its subservience to the lyrics of one of North Carolina's favori te songwriters, even sitting silent on stage while Byrd sings one of the story-telling ballads that he has become known for. Not to be missed.

"Alien Carnival is a band in the literal sense, but it's also something more. Kirby is more than just a front man and songwriter -- he's a cheerleader, cajoler, o rganizer and talisman for much of the Americana community in this town. Kirby and his rag-tag group of folk-rockers approach their loose, jammy sound with a love of both the giants of rock 'n' roll's past and the unrecognized troubadours traveling around this country today, in a way that makes perfect sense for both his fans and the city at large."
Kyle Petersen - Free Times

Friday, May 17 2013
8pm (doors at 7pm)

Sun Brother w/Vela Ceras, Nepotism, and The Apnea Effect

Thursday, May 16 2013
9pm (doors at 8:00pm)

Old Soul ~~~ Discourage ~~~ They Eat Their Own God ~~~ Dellamorte

Old Soul: Michigan experimental hardcore from some of the lovely people that brought us CLOUD RAT. Their sound is in the vein of THE SPECTACLE and a more spacy IN/HUMAN ITY

Discourage: Local noise researchers. They're crying, because you're not crying.

They Eat Their Own God: Hometown shaman-lord-antilords. On trial for witchcraft and aggressive hugging.

Dellamorte: Grindy Crustmetal from Augusta, GA

Wednesday, May 15 2013
8pm (doors at 7pm)

Bearknuckle ~~~ Cover of Afternoon ~~~ King Mountain ~~~ Foodcomputer

Bearknuckle is a band that was sort of a long time in the making. Twin brothers Nick and Rory Landt having been playing music together since the age of 14. After forming what seems to be a life long friendship with high school friend Willie "Fune" Williams they were destined to form a band. The first song as a band was written in 2010, after having much trouble holding onto a drummer. In 2011 Donny Dey was introdu ced to the band to play drums and since then we have been working hard to purse our passion. With a vast combination of genres, infusing blues and psychedelic guitar solos with heavy metal and fast punk rhythms, BearKnuckle is setting a new standard in the Atlanta rock music scene.

"Cover of Afternoon excels at combining the thrashing and atmospheric with tightly wound, emotionally wrought vocals that leave everything out in the open. This i s a band that strives for the personal to be at the center of their songs and persona, so that the songs openly bleed hurt, pain and longing."
- K. Peterson, The Free Times

King Mountain is a Rock n Roll quartet from Columbia, South Carolina. They came together as a group of friends and fellow musicians who wanted to take a break fro m the often jaded and pretentious music scene to focus on having fun with music again. They finalized the line up in the summer of 2012 with the addition of Evan Williams on vocals. Their sound pays homage to the predecessors they credit with creating the music that made them fall in love with rock in the first place. Gearing up for a string of live performances and a tour at the beginning of 2013, King Mountain is set to build a following and leave hungry crowds wantin g more.

Foodcomputer says "Just pretend we don't exist and enjoy the music. Our influences are mainly. The Cure, Grateful Dead, Grace Slick, the late great Nina Simone, Pink Floyd & Patti Smith. Shift your consciousness and put on our album. Sit back,and enjoy the journey it will take you on."

Tuesday, May 14 2013
8pm (doors at 7:30pm)

MSG of SC Songwriter's Showcase

Monday, May 13 2013
7:30pm (doors at 7pm)

Mars Williams - reeds
Jeb Bishop - trombone
Paul Giallorenzo - piano
Anton Hatwich - bass
Marc Riordan - drums

'Gitgo' is a quintet and Paul Giallorenzo is a straightahead, no-BS pianist who invents flowing lines with a minimum of decoration or digression. His touch is Listen, you ! strong, his solos and aggressive duets are gems of after-bop, after-Bley melody. The straightahead, no-BS propulsion of Anton Hatwich and Marc Riordan match Giallorenzo's energy - Hatwich plays bass with a big sound and Riordan is an a ctive yet smart drummer. Trombonist Jeb Bishop and saxist Mars Williams create sparks together. Here Bishop is busier than ancestors like Roswell Rudd and Steve Swell, while Williams plays some of the best tenor and soprano music I've ye t heard from him on recordings.'
- John Litweiler, Grass Roots

Saturday, May 11 2013
9pm (doors at 8pm)

New York Disco Villains w/ Flannel Chaps!

Friday, May 10 2013
9pm (doors at 8:30pm)

Jandek on Corwood

Jandek on Corwood is a documentary about veteran reclusive folk/blues artist Jandek. Unlike most popular music documentaries, the subject himself is not seen in the film in any way; instead, various critics, disc jockeys and journalists, many of whom have had some contact with the notoriously reclusive artist, discuss Jandek, his equally mysterious independent record label Corwood Industries, and his music (which reached 39 albums at the end of 2004).

While Jandek hi mself does not appear in the movie (except in the form of the pictures on many of his album covers and in excerpts from the only phone interview he has ever done in his career, with musician and writer John Trubee for Spin Magazine in 19 85), he did authorize and endorse the project through Corwood Industries (any correspondence to the artist is usually signed 'Corwood' rather than 'Jandek'), allow the filmmakers to use whatever recordings from his discography they saw f it, and suggest people that could be interviewed for the documentary.

'A strangely moving and well-produced chronicle of a legendary musical enigma, Jandek on Corwood captures the mystique of this reclusive human question mark without dispelling it. As with Joseph Lanza's terrific book 'Elevator Music,' the film, in my estimation, is more absorbing than the music itself. One fan observed that what Jandek creates isn't music -- it's an atmosphere. This film's shadowy, understated tone echoes its subject's spooky aura.' - Irwin Chusid Author, Songs in the Key of Z: The Curious Universe of Outsider Music

This is a wonderfully interesting film and admission is free!

Short subjects at 7pm, film sta rts at 7:30. Drinks and snacks available. Free treats, too!

Monday, May 6 2013
7:30pm (doors at 7pm)


This non-partisan documentary asks what assurances do we have of accuracy and security in American elections? The answers are both surprising and disturbing. Join filmmaker Jason Smith for a showing of selected clips along with a Q&A. Fo r more info on the movie visit

Understanding the shortcomings of SC's current voting machines is important, as we continue the work to replace them with a publicly owned, transparent, voter verifiable system. The free screening is hosted by the Progressive Network.

Sunday, May 5 2013

A Miscellany of Marvel and Delight

5 BANDS for $5!
sein zum tode
day tripper

Saturday, May 4 2013
8pm (doors at 7:30pm)

Bevel Summers ~~~ Post-Timey String Band ~~~ Pussywillows

Irmo native, Jeb Brinkley, and band Bevel Summers release their new album to the Columbia scene.
Local acts Post-Timey String Band and Pussywillows give y'all even more r eason to come out and celebrate with us!
Check out Bevel's old music video here

Friday, May 3 2013
8:30pm (doors at 8pm)

Silent Spring Ensemble ~~~ England in 1819 ~~~ Daniel Hammond

Three awesome bands for $5!

Silent Spring Ensemble
England in 1819: here is a video clip
Daniel Hammond

Thursday, May 2 2013
8pm (doors at 7:30pm)

Dear Death...

An evening of live media performances, mixing video, sound, mold, balloons, memories, and rusty steel beams.
Asking a big WTF to the universe, but without being emo about it.

Wednesday, May 1 2013
8pm (doors at 7:30pm)

Permutations: Conundrum Improv Night

this is not melody. this is ache of industrial nightmares.
this is not rhythm. this is waves of sound.
this is not jazz. this is noise.
this is not noise. this is...

Join us for a night of abstract, experimental, free impr ov wherein we form various solo/duo/trio groupings, and play a bunch of short improvs. Like, even if only 4 of us showed up, we'd still have a potential of 6 different duos, and 3 different trios, and 1 quartet. We wouldn't have to try e very permutation, but we could if we wanted. But definitely with the idea of combining people who haven't necessarily played together before.

Other peoples can come watch/listen/heckle too if they want.

Monday, April 29 2013
8pm (doors at 7:30pm)

NMW Ensemble with Sam Sfirri, directed by Greg Stuart

Antoine Beuger: Cantor Quartets (2003)
Sam Sfirri: Quartet (2011)

Sunday, April 28 2013
8pm (doors at 7:30pm)

Open The Door For Three

Open the Door for Three is an exciting new Irish music trio of uilleann piper Kieran O'Hare, fiddler Liz Knowles, and bouzouki player and singer Pat Broaders. They mine tune books, collections, and recordings for old and new tunes and ne w and old songs, and together with Liz's composition, harmonies and arrangements, Kieran's encyclopedic knowledge of tunes and the piping tradition and Pat's resonant rhythmic bedrock on the bouzouki and the essential honesty in his sing ing, they form a trio of powerfully played music. These are musicians with a strong connection to one another and the music they play.

Plus workshops 4/28 at the Redbird School of Irish Music
For details email redbird@cornerhousem or call 803-254-3461
More info at

Saturday, April 27 2013
8pm (doors at 7:30pm)

Swamp Cabbage ~~~
Laurence 'Luckyman' Beall

Swamp Cabbage, from Savannah GA, performs swamp/funk/jammy/bluesy/danceable originals with uniquely interpreted covers. Lead singer/writer/guitarist Walter Parks played for te n years with Richie Havens in shows at Madison Square Garden, Glastonbury Fest UK, and WOMAD NZ. Bassist/engineer/producer Jim Devito records the band JJ Grey and MOFRO amongst others in his St Augustine analog studio, Retrophonics. Drum mer Jagoda played on T Bone Burnett's 2008 CD Tooth of Crime and is a yearly featured artist at the Rocky Mountain Fest Songschool in Lyons, CO. Swamp Cabbage can be currently heard performing the theme song for the Discovery Channel rea lity show American Guns.

Laurence 'Luckyman' Beall: The old rockabilly/country/hillbilly elements are all there but he's added some soul, blues and old school R&B to the mix to create a sound that is haunting, personal and deeply moving. This is true American Music if there ever was such a thing!

Friday, April 26 2013
8pm (doors at 7:00pm)
$8 at the door or online

bigSphinx Productions

Chris Corsano ~~~ Luminous Umbrae

Like Glenn Kotche and Tim Barnes, drummer Chris Corsano made a name for himself as an avant-garde drum master equally adept in pop settings, and a master inventor in both. With an expressive palette made from various prepared drum techniques, including butter knives and kitchen bowls on the drum heads, Corsano collaborated with Bjork, Sonic Youth's Thurston Moore, and Jim O'Rourke while maintaining ongoing partnerships with the likes of saxophonist Paul Flaherty, Vibracathedral Orchestra's Michael Flower, and many others.

Luminous Umbrae is a heavily-effected guitar improv thing by Chad Senkyrik.

Thursday, April 25 2013
8pm (doors at 7:30pm)

72nd & Central ~ Sun Brother ~ Double Tongue ~ Nepotism

72nd and Central
Sun Brother
Double Tongue

Saturday, April 20 2013
9pm (doors at 8:30pm)

Thursday, April 18 2013
9pm (doors at 8pm)

The Engines

The Engines are a quartet comprising four of Chicago's best-known and busiest improvising musicians: trombonist Jeb Bishop, saxophonist Dave Rempis, bassist Nate McBride, and drummer Tim Daisy.

Tuesday, April 16 2013
8pm (doors at 7:30pm)

Neptune ~~~ Sein zum Tode ~~~ St. Jupiter

Neptune's origins trace to 1994 as a sculpture project by Boston artist/musician Jason Sanford, wh o forged the band's haphazard guitars and reluctant drums from scrap steel and found objects. Seven lineups, twenty-three releases and hundreds of instruments later, the band continues to wrench its sound spatter on self-built instruments to often confounded audiences around the world. In 2007, they released Gong Lak e with avant arbiter Table of the Elements, home to art heroes Tony Conrad, Rhys Chatham and Faust. Neptune has shared the stage with a variety of influential artists such as The Ex, Mission of Burma, Ut, Oneida, Lightning Bolt, The Flaming Lips, Blonde Redhead, Melt-Banana, Charles Hayward, Liars, Black Dice, James Chance & the Contortions, Gang Gang Dance, The Dresden Dolls, Six Finger Satellite, and Wolf Eyes. Sanford and longtime Neptune collaborator Mark Pearson are c urrently joined by musicians/instrument inventors Kevin Micka and Farhad Ebrahimi, redefining their music and creating new sounds from scratch. Propulsive perc ussion and sonorous electronics tangle with Sanford's microtonal string creations with a refined minimalism, adding a new chapter to the band's ever-evolving s tory.

Sein zum Tode is a band from Columbia, SC playing some styles of avant-garde extreme metalish musics.

St. Jupiter is a one man progressive ambient band by Alec Edelson. St. Jupiter began in 2009 and has since produced seven albums of material.

Sunday, April 14 2013
8pm (doors at 7:30pm)


GSPCS Spinning & Saving Soul - 8 PM
Tom Hall & Sons - 9 PM
Kipp Shives & Jay Hubble (The Glut 3) - 10 PM
Dex Romweber Duo (Dexter & Sara) - 11 PM

Tickets on sale NOW @ Drip 5 Points.
($10 in Advance / $12 day of show)
Doors: 8 PM - Don't Be Late!

Saturday, April 13 2013
Doors at 8pm
$10 in Advance / $12 day of show

Masters of the Celtic Harp

Two of the foremost harp players from Ireland and Scotland, touring as The Masters of the Celtic Harp, are performing at Conundrum Music Hall on Saturday, April 12. Grã ;inne Hambly from County Mayo and William Jackson from Glasgow will present 'Two Sides of Celtic', a multi-faceted concert featuring their dynamic blend of two harp styles as well as their complimentary talents on concertina, tinwhistle and bouzouki.

With demanding solo careers that often have them performing on different continents, Grãinne Hambly and William Jackson are in the US for a brief spring tour and are r outed through Columbia, SC for one show only. On this tour they are promoting their CD, 'The Music of Ireland and Scotland.'

Grãinne Hambly has been touring extensively throughout the United States for the past fifteen years and has been at the forefront of promoting a newer, exciting brand of Irish harp playing. Her light, and lightning quick, renditions of traditional Irish dance music have become hallmarks of this style. Hailing from County Mayo, Ms. Hambly h as toured all over Europe and Japan and done festivals in Israel and Brazil as well.

She released her third, eagerly awaited CD, 'The Thorn Tree', in 2006 which has receiv ed critical acclaim. The Irish Echo, the leading Irish newspaper in America, said 'the tidal pull of the brisk tempo she sets is breathtaking.' Indeed. She has two other land mark CDs, 'Between the Showers' and 'Golden Lights and Green Shadows' which set the standard to which American harp players aspire in playing Irish music.

A noted Irish mu sicologist at the Irish World Music Centre in Limerick has said that 'Grãinne Hambly is an internationally recognized performer - in the front-line of performers in he r genre worldwide.' Ms. Hambly has performed at most of the major Irish festivals and harp conferences both here and abroad. She is a much sought-after teacher as well and ha s taught hundreds of eager harpers in workshops in the United States. She has two books published of her harp arrangements and a third in progress.

William Jackson was one of the founding members of the Scottish supergroup, Ossian, in the late 70s, which had an enormous influence on the sound of traditional Scottish music. He made the Scottish harp, or clarsach, one of the cornerstones of the band’s arrangements with bagpipes, strong rhythm guitar and fiddle. He recorded seven albums with Ossian and has subsequent ly released an astonishing ten solo CDs.

Jackson has gained a substantial reputation as a composer, known for combining traditional and classical music, with such major wo rks as 'The Wellpark Suite', 'St. Mungo', 'Inchcolm', and 'A Scottish Island' to his credit. His most recent solo CD is titled 'The New Harp.' 'Corryvreckan' from Inchcolm is included on 'The Best of The Thistle & Shamrock, Volume 1' for the popular NPR radio program. His 'Land of Light' composition won the international Song for Scotland competi tion in 1999, was widely acclaimed. Additionally he has done scores and performances for a number of BBC programs, the History Channel and films. In 2004, Jackson was recogni zed with a lifetime achievement award by the Swannanoa Gathering, the folk arts programs at Warren Wilson College in North Carolina.

Friday, April 12 2013
8pm (doors at 7:30pm)
$15 at the door or online here
(advance ticket holders get in at 7:15 for first-choice seating!)

Ben Walker, Hunter Duncan, Paul Brazell, & Simeon Twitty

Doors 7:30pm

Simeon Twitty - 8:15- 8:45
Paul Brazell - 9:00-9:30
Hunter Duncan - 9:45-1015
Ben Walker 10:30-11:00

Thursday, April 11 2013
8:15pm (doors at 7:30pm)

R WE WHO R WE ~~~ about.theWindow

R WE WHO R WE mixes the free theft/collage style of digital sampling virtuoso Girl Talk with the raw noise of Japanese noise artist Merzbow. Philip White's mixer feedback, controlled through a homemade rig of circuits and low-fi electronics, conjures the sound world of legendary experimental musician David Tudor, but becomes something entirely new when fused with the production aesthetics of pop pioneer Dr. Luke. Ted Hearne's voice -- inflamed, athletic and powerfully stark, with the operatic drama of a latter day Jeff Buckley, the experimentalism of Mike Patton and party chic of Ke$ha herself -- does battle with his own auto-tune. A tribute and commentary to both classic and ephemeral artists of the pop landscape, R WE WHO R WE uses pop music like graffiti uses public space, exploiting the tension between theft and tribute, like collage artist John Oswald did 30 years ago with his seminal and mischievous Plunderphonic.

"Material Gurl" brings an unexpected tenderness to the classic anthem from Madonna, while "Just the Chorus Now" puts a solo mic in the hands of the affirmative backup chorus from Michael Jackson's "Man in the Mirror", and "Emotions" transforms Mariah Carey's iconic 1991 performance on The Arsenio Hall Show into a churning exorcism. "Hi is my Name" electrifies the opening track from Eminem's The Slim Shady LP with a compulsively methodical yet manic rendition, and "Gucci Gucci" makes the breakout hit from Oakland hipster Kreayshawn an Adderall-infused dancehall romp.

TED HEARNE is a composer and performer in New York. He is the winner of the Gaudeamus Prize in composition, and his album Katrina Ballads was listed as a Top 10 classical album of 2010 by The Washington Post and Time Out Chicago. He has collaborated with artists as diverse as J.G. Thirlwell, M83, jazz singer Rene Marie and renowned filmmaker Bill Morrison. Upcoming commissions include works for the Los Angeles Philharmonic, Eighth Blackbird, and a new work for the Brooklyn Philharmonic and hiphop legend Erykah Badu.

PHILIP WHITE performs on a non-linear feedback system consisting of a mixer and homemade circuits. He has been heard with Toshimaru Nakamura, Gene Coleman, Suzanne Thorpe, Kenta Nagai, ADACHI Tomomi, MV Carbon and Taylor Levine, and has recently performed at Diapason (NYC), Issue Project Room (NYC), The Stone (NYC), Galerie Neurotitan (Berlin), Sonic Circuits (DC), Bent Festival, In/Out Festival, Floating Points Festival and NYCEMF 2010.

Wednesday, April 10 2013
8pm (doors at 7:30pm)
$7 ($4 for students)

a bigSphinx Productions production

The Wrest Trio ~~~ Michael Houseman

The Wrest Trio: Described twenty years ago as an "undergrounder by design", Jack Wright is happy to inhabit the vast territory below the radar of the professional music world. Since 1979 he has been traveling through the US and Europe in search of interesting partners and playing situations, and open to whatever might happen. Now living in a small Pennsylvania town, at 70 he is still the "Johnny Appleseed of Free Improvisation," as Davey Williams called him back in the 80s. And he is still inspiring players outside music-school careerdom. Whenever he plays today, all that he has traversed is present, from fiery, breathless free jazz to quiet, breath-filled, and often animalistic sounds. A reviewer for the Washington Post said, "In the rarefied, underground world of experimental free improvisation, saxophonist Jack Wright is king". For more info go to, for sounds see and writings

Evan Lipson (b. 1981), now from Chattanooga, has been active as a musician since adolescence. In an on-going pursuit of all things occult and aberrant, Lipson acquired an early interest in the lateral realms of visionary & experimental music -- seeking to transcend the existent paradigms of idiomatic expression. His formative experiences were in underground rock, modernist composition, freak pop, jazz, noise, as well as various modes of improvisation. Lipson cultivates a palpably intense and vehemently iconoclastic body of music. He has performed in numerous groups including Normal Love, Satanized, WREST, Psychotic Quartet, Femme Tops, Legion of Strategic Deception, Dynamite Club, and Ruins. Past tours have taken him throughout North America, as well as Brazil, Taiwan, and Japan. His music has been released on several imprints including SKiN GRAFT, UgEXPLODE, Public Eyesore, High Two, Badmaster, Caminante, New Atlantis, and Damage Rituals.

Ben Bennett, living most of the time in Columbus Ohio, started playing music as a young child, with an interest in jazz that moved steadily towards the more avant-guarde, then to free jazz, and onward into the world of free-improv. Using extended techniques involving breath and friction, as well as the time-honored tradition of hitting things with sticks, he plays an evolving pile of frame drums, pre-tuned drum heads, metal things, tubes, and other objects that can be combined and recombined to get a variety of sounds. This set-up lends itself greatly towards being crammed in a backpack, strapped to a bike, dragged along the ground, or thrown down the stairs, generally without physical or psycological damage. Recent projects besides Wrestinclude: - trio with Ryan Jewell and Wilson Shook, Rotty What - trio with Jack Wright and John M Bennett; Central Ohio War Coalition - with Mike Shiflet, Joe Panzner, and others ; duos with Ryan Jewell, Jack Callahan, and Ben Hall; and solo performances. Ben will be resident at the Spring Garden Music house during Dec. and Jan. 2012-13. For sound and sight bites: m

Coloristic, intense, stumbly, jagged avalanche, muscular, and clattery are just some words used to describe Michael Houseman 's drumming style over the years. A staple in the Charlotte music scene, Houseman plays with avant punk/ free jazz ensemble Great Architect, hardcore garage encylopedia of punk band Joint Damage, and smooths it out with a R&B vibe with B o White Y Su Orquesta. For his solo work, Houseman is working with 'Trap Kit' inspired canvas of a Drumset while working with tonal pieces of metal he has collected over the years. A cross between a Max Roach approach and something Tom W aits would drum out, Houseman's solo work can be moody and dark but push the meter of time into sounds of a post apocolyptic beauty.

Monday, April 8 2013
8pm (doors at 7:30pm)

Friday, April 5 2013
9pm (doors at 8pm)

Papier Tigre ~~~ Braindead ~~~ Christopher S. Feltner ~~~ Guillermo Pizarro

Papier Tigre's music is firmly entrenched in the tradition of inventive, challenging punk but combines elements of experimental pop compositions and aggressive math-rock. The band understands that a song being intelligent and complex need not exclude it from having a raw, danceable energy.
Pushing the limits of their unusual line-up (drums, 2 guitars, percussion, vocals), the band has matured into a devas tatingly efficient unit, with instruments, ideas and personalities bouncing off each other in an audible culture of creativity. The 10 songs on their latest cd Recreation are an impressive account of the band's ability to balance different atmospheres, underlined by original rhythmic patterns, minimalist melodic lines and distinctive vocal hooks, the whole blossoming under producer John Congelton's sonic prowess.

Afternoons (video)

Recreations (streaming album)

Braindead is a dynamic instrumental trio based out of columbia, sc. Their spaced out chaos, interwoven between floating and often improvised ambienc e, is directly influenced by the next generation and the cosmos. Hail Sagan.

Metal Cock Radio Presents LICH KING

Lich King (Thrash Metal from MA)

Possessor (Thrash Metal from VA Beach)

Divulgence (Progressive Thrash/Death Metal from Greenville SC)

Centura (Thrash/Death Metal from Charleston SC)

Conception of Being (Thrash/Death Metal from Myrtle Beach SC)

Tuesday, April 2 2013
8pm (doors at 7pm)
$7 (21+) / $9 (<21)

Gillian Carter ~~~ Sunlight Alumni ~~~ Lost Boy ~~~ Death Panels

Death Panels (Right here in Cola!)

Gillian Carter (On tour from Florida)

Sunlight Alumni (Wilmington, NC)

Lost Boy (Augusta, GA)

Sunday, March 31 2013
9pm (doors at 8pm)
$5 over / $7 under

Saturday, March 30 2013
9pm (doors at 8pm)

The Healthcare Movie

As Governor Haley lets her free market ideology trump people's health care needs, this timely film and discussion looks at how our for-profit health care system compares with Canada's non-profit system. The fight to expand Medicaid in SC will be discussed following the one hour film. Go HERE for the trailer.
This documentary provides the real story of how the health care systems in Canada and the United States evolved to be so completely different, when at one point they were essentially the same. Most people under the age of 50, in both countries, are not aware of the intensity of the political struggle that led to the universal medical care system in Canada. Nor are they aware of the public relat ions campaigns, still active today, that have been prevalent in the United States since the early 1900's to dissuade the public from supporting national health care.

Produced by Canadian/American couple Laurie Simons and Terry Sterren berg, The Healthcare Movie reveals the personal and emotional impact on Canadians who now have access to universal health care because of the heroism of people who took a stand nearly 50 years ago. It also reveals the continuing struggle in the United States between the fear of government intervention and the right to quality health care for all people.

Every day people are dying or going bankrupt due to the ills of the United States system. Who are we in the face of this human tragedy? If you agree that people are more important than profits, then you must watch this film.

Free and open to the public. Snacks and beverages available for purchase.

Feature: 65 minutes including credits
Foll owed by an Addendum entitled 'The Second Stage of Medicare': 10 minutes

Tuesday, March 26 2013
6pm (doors at 5:30pm)

Les Rhinoceros ~~~ Rosetta ~~~ Nathan Stewart & Kayla Breitwieser

Hailing from the Washington, DC area, the young band Les Rhinoceros delivers a crazy world in sound, blending aspects of rock, world music, noise, ambient and jazz. The trio of teenagers was formed in 2008 while the players were still in high school, and has developed since then into an intense and wild ly imaginative group that takes music to its extremes. Emotional, minimalistic, intense and grooving, this is music that goes beyond imagination to the edges of sanity. The group continues their sonic experiments by adding unusual instru ments into the traditional rock band setting.

"AMAZING...I LOVE the music... ALL OF IT..." - John Zorn

Rosetta is a band from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania incorporating elements of post-hardcore, shoegazing, drone, post-rock, avant-garde, and ambient, with influences as diverse a s Neurosis and Isis, My Bloody Valentine, Frodus, and Stars of the Lid.
The band somewhat humorously self-describes its music as "metal for astronauts", as its members are very interested in astronomy and space travel.

Nathan Stewart & Kayla Breitwieser (both from Pan) perform effects-laden, cinematic post-rock.

Monday, March 25 2013
9pm (doors at 8pm)

Benefit for Live Music Painter Jeanee Bourque

A benefit for Live Music Painter Jeanee Bourque. Diagnosed with Stage 3 HER2 Breast cancer, she is currently undergoing chemotherapy and needs our support. Insurance will not cover most of her expenses and it's taken a toll on her work, etc. She is such a giving person and has donated her time, her art, her heart to help others. Now it's time for us to show some love. Come one, come all!!!

Sunday, March 24 2013
7:30pm (doors at 7)
$5 suggested donation, but any amount gladly accepted!

Choro da Manhã

Choro (pronounced shore-o) is a festive instrumental music genre that can be thought of as the Brazilian counterpart of ragtime. It is a rich musical heritage that derives from the meeting of European, African and indigenous Brazilian cu ltures, rhythms, dances and song forms. It is the root of the Samba and Bossa Nova, both in style and rhythmic content and the major influence on the work of the great Brazilian composers Heitor Villa-Lobos and Antonio Carlos Jobim. It i s the very "soul" of Brazilian music.

Late in 2011, two 7-string guitarists, Rio de Janeiro native Richard Miller and Jason Ennis, began getting together each week at Jason's apartment in Astoria, Queens, New York, to share breakfast and study the finer points of the genre, such as the great saxophonist/flutist/composer Pixinguinha, mandolin virtuosso Jacob do Bandolim, and the father of the 7-string guitar, Dino Sete Cordas. At some point, saxophonist Michael Zsoldos, freshly arrived on the New York scene, joined them and was bitten by the choro bug. After many rounds of scrambled eggs, muffins, granola and coffee, Choro da Manhã, word play on the Portuguese term for breakfast, "cafe da manhã," was born. Later, the group inv ited much sought-after Brazilian percussionist Zè Mauricio of New York's Choro Ensemble and Cyro Baptista's Beat the Donkey to fill the pandeiro chair. In performance, Choro da Manhã presents lively and energetic of importa nt choro pieces of all eras.

Saturday, March 23 2013
8pm (doors at 7pm)

Rachael Sage ~~~ A Fragile Tomorrow ~~~ Nick Young

A soulful vocalist and innovative keyboardist, singer/songwriter and producer Rachael Sage has become one of the busiest touring artists in independent music, performing 150+ dates a year with her band The Sequins throughout the US, UK, Europe and Asia. She has earned a loyal following for her infectious melodies, poetic lyric s, and often-outrageous, colorful stage banter.

Sage has shared stages with Sarah McLachlan, Colin Hay, Marshall Crenshaw, Marc Cohn, The Animals and Ani DiFranco. She has performed at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival and received numero us songwriting awards including The John Lennon Songwriting Contest (Grand Prize) and several Independent Music Awards and OUTMusic Awards.

MPress Records released her 10th album, "Haunted By You" in May 2012. Featuring The Sequins as well as guest appearances by Dar Williams, Mike Visceglia (Suzanne Vega), David Immergluck (Counting Crows), Doug Yowell (Duncan Sheik) and more, it was self-produced by Sage and mixed by Kevin Killen (U2, Elvis Costello).

A Fragile Tomorrow has become one of the most respected band of brothers on the road, largely thanks to their venerable work ethic, stellar musicianship, and fa ns in high places. The four-piece powerpop band is comprised of identical brothers Sean and Dominic Kelly, their younger brother Brendan, and Shaun Rhoades. In 2006, the band released its debut album, "Wishful Thinking." Early 2008 broug ht the world "Beautiful Noise", the band's second record, which was produced by Grammy award-winner Malcolm Burn, producer for such industry luminaries as Emmylou Harris, Patty Griffin, and Patti Smith.

The band recently completed their fourth record, "Be Nice Be Careful", with music legend Mitch Easter as producer and Ted Comerford as co-producer. Known for his work with bands like R.E.M. and Pavement, Easter brought his trademark jang le-pop sound to the band's compositions. This latest batch of songs show A Fragile Tomorrow's growth not only in their songwriting, but in their musicianship as a whole.

Hailing from Rochester, NY, singer-songwriter Nick Young 's songs combine power pop hooks with country-tinged roots rock to form an energetic sound that's familiar yet all its own. After several years as the front man and principal songwriter of the critically acclaimed alt-country band Burnin g Daylight, Young spent much of 2010 recording his solo debut in Nashville, TN with producer Jim Reilley (of The New Dylans). With the help of Reilley and with legendary pedal steel player Al Perkins (Gram Parsons) and drummer Ken Coomer (Wilco) augmenting Young's Americana/Power Pop sound, the album 'Truth Is' was released on November 30, 2010. Since its release, Young has traveled more than 40,000 miles in support of the record, armed with an acoustic guitar, his song s and an authentic passion for performing. Young is currently in the studio recording his sophomore release, due in early 2013.

Friday, March 22 2013
8pm (doors at 7pm)

Dangerous Ponies ~~~ Norwegian Arms ~~~ Elvis Depressedly ~~~ Zane Nichols

Dangerous Ponies! (Philly!)

Norwegian Arms!(Philly!)

Elvis Depressedly (local!) _204974879526524

and Zane Nichols! (local acoustic goodness!)

Fun, Fun, Fun! Seeya there!

Thursday, March 21 2013
9pm (doors at 8pm)

Craig Hultgren ~~~ Bellhop Collective

Craig Hultgren will be playing the ecello, an instrument without a body. He will be performing a combination of free-style improvisations and written compositions featurin g electronics with guitar foot pedals, computer applications and digital effects. This is not the everyday, garden variety cello performance grandma is used to. This is the new world of sound for a most modern instrument.

For several d ecades, cellist Craig Hultgren has been a fixture on the scenes for new music, the newly creative arts, and the avant-garde. In recent years, he has performed solo concerts and chamber music in Rome, New York, Boston, St. Louis, Pittsbur gh, Miami, Atlanta, Orlando, Denver, Nashville, Memphis and San Antonio. A recipient of two Artist Fellowships from the Alabama State Council on the Arts, he was a member for many years of Thámyris, a contemporary chamber music ensemble in Atlanta. A cellist in the Alabama Symphony, he also plays in Luna Nova, a new music ensemble with a large repertoire of performances available as podcast downloads on iTunes. Hultgren is featured in three solo CD recordings including The Electro-Acoustic Cello Book on Living Artist Recordings. Next year, he will be performing a 15 Minutes of Fame concert titled Occupy Cello in New York for Vox Novus and the Composer's Voice. The program will feature 15 one-minute so lo compositions that challenge the traditional boundaries of the instrument.

Bellhop Collective is an open-membership improvisational performance ensemble from Columbia, SC. We exist in the space where music, theater, and ritual magic collide. Feat ures an ever-shifting cast of local musicians, poets, visual artists, and performers.

Friday, March 15 2013
8pm (doors at 7pm)

Spry Old Men ~~~ Dunder Chiefs ~~~ Ghost Mall

Spry Old Men - Greenville, SC

Dunder Chiefs - Columbia, SC

Ghost Mall - Rock Hill, SC

Thursday, March 14 2013
9pm (doors at 8pm)

I'd M Thfft Able ~~~ Plank Ewing ~~~ Luminous Umbrae ~~~ bigSphinx

I'd M Thfft Able is an improvising vocalist/frictist/texturalist (amongst other things) from Portland, ME. He has played at various festivals, bars, living rooms, bathrooms, beaches, gall eries, book stores, mansions, basements, birthday parties, across the U.S., Canada, and Europe.

Blogger Nat Roe writes "... much of Id M Theftable's live sets consist of spazzy slurping, clapping and stream-of-consciousness mumbling. Heady electronic manipulations are met with simple gestures like tossing a bag of pennies on the fl oor. One of the more interesting 'instruments' in his set-up is an amplified wire sculpture. I've seen him drop marbles down it, so that they clatter and echo as they run down a winding path. Attached to the sculpture is a handle that s pins the device so that the whole thing creaks and shrieks, and then drops down with a dramatic crash. All in all, it's a comprehensive clusterfuck of all levels of culture and weirdness--fluxus and vintage kids' 45s are taken with equa l reverence. Id M Theftable's god-given name is Scott Spear. He lives in the woods off a highway near Portland, Maine. He'll often go out into the woods and use sounds of running water or birds to use later for collages. Part of his en cyclopedic influences must come from nerding out in Strange Maine, a record store that doubles as a concert space and safe haven for weirdo artists."

(for a detailed history, check here)
(for audio examples, check here)
Here are some YOUTUBEs:
Dubious Liftings
Chaos 1st UMass Amhest, MA
ANY WINDCHIME id m theft able toucheS asheville, NC

Plank Ewing is space idea/synthesiser rumbly-tumbley.

Luminous Umbrae is a heavily-effected guitar improv thing by Chad Senkyrik.

bigSphinx, a solo project of mr. Tom Law, will present a short set of laptop/synth improv.

Tuesday March 12 2013
9pm (doors at 8pm)
FREE ADMISSION (donations happily accepted)

Spirits of the Red City

Spirits of the Red City describe themselves as a collective of friends and wandering musicians, led by Will Garrison. Dense with musical and cultural influences which span folk traditional ballads and classical music, to avant-garde jazz, the band pulls the best qualities from genres that perhaps don't normally overlap.
"Home" is Minneapolis, Chicago, New York, Louisville, Colorado, Alaska, and Califo rnia. These musicians lead full-time lives in various work settings, which include teaching music and performing in New York, clearing land in Alaska, playing jazz in Chicago, creating puppet shows and theater projects in various setting s, and more. But they passionately come together three or four times a year, as Spirits of the Red City, to rehearse, record and perform - on the West Coast, in Texas, Minnesota, Chicago, New England, the Southeast, or wherever they can. Touring is somewhat a celestial event--lots of moving parts to make it come together.

Written about their art: "Call the music time-weathered folk or strewn remnants of Americana or something else entirely. Here is what you will hear : Opaque lyrics, at once lonely and longing and hopeful and weary and love-strewn, given breath with explorative structure and melody, and supported by an ensemble of guitar, string bass, cello, viola, drums and found percussion, banjos, accordions, horn, mandolin, and vocal harmonies."

This singer-songwriter-based folk ensemble has been performing since 2008, all over the United States, everywhere from theaters and art galleries and coffee shops to backyards, baseme nts, outdoor parks and ocean piers.
Whether with two musicians, or nine musicians, Spirits have played with many friends, collaboratively with other bands, secret shows at SXSW in Austin, in a cave in Louisville, or on a farm in Ore gon where the co-performing band that night made a chorus to sing with some of Spirits' songs.

Spirits have a full length record, Hunter Moon, plus two 7-inch releases: "Serves You Right/Young Girl's Heart" and a collaborative with th e band Some Say Leland with Spirits' song "Long Hand Luke." Spirits second full length album, just recorded with Kevin Ratterman at his Louisville recording studio, La La Land, will be released in 2013.

Paleface ~~~ Let's Go, Coyote! ~~~ Trey Murphy

Paleface, "A Neofolk icon", (The Flagpole, Athens GA) is currently on tour as a High-energy Folk/Americana three piece band in support of his joyous and carefree Ramseur Records follow-up One Big Party. The band celebrated the release with a special guest-performance alongside The Avett Brothers at NYC's Radio City Music Hall, followed by US and Europe tours. Soon after, PASTE Magazine premiered "PALEFACE: The Making Of One Big Party".

Paleface was schooled musically by friend Daniel Johnston and discovered soon thereafter by the legendary Danny Fields (The Stooges, The Ramones, MC5) at an NYC open mic. He has since released over a dozen r ecords including two major label releases, and has collaborated and performed on the three of the most recent albums by The Avett Brothers. Paleface has influenced and inspired a wide range of musical acts, from electropopsters YACHT, to Grammy Award recipients Kimya Dawson (The Moldy Peaches / Juno), and Beck, who calls Paleface "a big influence on my early work" in Annie Leibovitz's book American Music.

Let's Go, Coyote! is Aaron Graves (Those Lavender Whales) and Patrick Wall (ex-Kerouacs) playing bummer jams.

Trey Murphy sings and plays guitar in Young Mumbles.

Saturday, March 9 2013
9pm (doors at 8pm)

The Rev. Jeff Mosier Trio ~~~ Ghost at the Fe ast

Having grown up in a family where bluegrass music reigned supreme, it was only a matter of time before a 16 year old Jeff Mosier was given a banjo, learned to play it, and began writing songs. After playing mostly traditional bluegrass f or many years with his brother Johnny (guitar) and hosting a radio show called "Born in a Barn" on WRFG (also with his brother) in Atlanta, GA, he broke out of the constraints of traditional bluegrass and joined the experimental jam/rock band Aquarium Rescue Unit led by Col. Bruce Hampton (and joined by Jimmy Herring, Oteil Burbridge, & Jeff Sipe) in 1988, which really helped paved the way for the role of the banjo in jam, rock, and progressive bluegrass as we know it t oday. After ARU, he went on to guest perform with Widespread Panic, Leftover Salmon, and Phish - including coaching Phish in bluegrass in '94 (See Phish: The Bluegrass Sessions on YouTube).

"Perhaps no other guest artist has had as gr eat an influence on the band's history as the Reverend Jeff Mosier" - The Phish Companion

In 1998, Mosier formed the band Blueground Undergrass (playing his signature Deering Crossfire electric banjo while singing lead vocals) which r ecorded four albums and gained a national following touring and performing its unique blend of bluegrass, jam, & rock at theaters, clubs, and festivals throughout the country. In 2005 while BGUG was on hiatus, Mosier took his jazz fusion band called The Ear Reverents to the Berlin Jazz Festival proving that the banjo does indeed cross many boundaries in music. BGUG re-formed and continued to tour until taking a permanent hiatus in 2009, after which Mosier formed a more roots and song driven band called The Mosier Brothers and produced & recorded another album, "On My Way" (2010). Since then, The Mosier Brothers band has toured primarily in the South and Midwest, performing at festivals, theaters, priva te events, and more recently, at Farm-to-Table and Food Alliance events which are quickly emerging in popularity across the country. One of the highlights of their 2012 summer tour was a four day Roots and Branches Tour performing with t he legendary Peter Rowan in TN, NC, & SC.

In addition to band gigs, Mosier also performs solo, presents banjo workshops, and works with Alzheimer, dementia, and hospice patients (music therapy). His superb vocal mastery and unique ban jo picking combine to deliver a special experience highlighting his original tunes and well as some familiar traditionals and lesser known covers. Whether traveling through acoustic ballads, thought-provoking and humorous banter, or high -energy bluegrass, each Rev Jeff Mosier show is a musical journey sending the listener on an enjoyable foot-tapping jaunt out on the road and back home again. Look and listen closely - you're sure to catch a glimpse of that 16 year old o nce again, filled with wonder, respect, curiosity, and admiration for the instrument that would transport him through a serendipitous and lifelong musical expedition.

Friday, March 8, at Conundrum Music Hall, the Rev Jeff Mosier will be joined by bassist Winn Sizemore (Cruis-O-Matics, The Mosier Brothers) and jazz drummer/percussionist Tim Nash (League of Decency, MetroQuest) for an eclectic evening of songs, sounds, and satire sure to enlighten your senses and expan d your comprehension of the true craft of the oft-maligned yet multifarious banjo.

Band Website
The Mosier Brothers Video
Rev Jeff Mosier solo Video

Opening for the Rev Jeff Mosier Trio will be the "Flash Folk" ensemble, Ghost at the Feast.
Check out a few of their tunes at

Friday, March 8 2013
8pm (doors at 7pm)

smoker's outpost blues (demo) by ghost @ the feast

Justin Jones w/ Rachel Kate & Say Brother

Thursday, March 7 2013
9pm (doors at 8pm)

999 Eyes Freak Show and Surreal Sideshow

The 999 Eyes is a time-traveling sideshow that is there when people need them the most.

The 999 EYES Surreal Sideshow are a select group of musicians and performers who transverse time putting on their special brand of spectacle entertainment where and when humanity needs them most.

Fortunately for the time being the 999 Eyes have misplaced the key to their time leaping ways when the Quantum Wrench mysteriously goes missing or was it stolen?

Unfortunately a force so evil is nipping right at our heroes heels.

In the 1830's the 999 EYES came face to double face with their greatest foe. A authority so powerful that it has forced them to stop leisurely jumping through time, nee now they run, flee - jet throughout time in a race from the grievous and supreme PT Barnum!!!

Barnum is very angry with our time traveling troupe of sideshow performers and musicians, for what they have forgotten why, but what they can tell you is that if they don't find their Quantum Wrench before their last song of the evening then I am afraid my friends we may just see that
The End
is all about.

Witness the amazing sideshow antics of the world's only time trotting freak show.

Be amazed with the most talented human oddities that time has ever seen.

Hear the spellbinding music from the one and only dime museum time machine house band, THAT DAMNED BAND, whose members have studied each form of instrumental sound in every age of earth existence.

Remember it an experience like no other and it's living and breathing on the INSIDE, only with the 999 EYES Surreal Sideshow!

Wednesday, March 6 2013
9pm (doors at 8pm)

Louis Logic ~~~ Mega Ran ~~~ Tribe One ~~~ Mikal kHill ~~~ @cecilnick

Louis Logic -- with three studio albums and an EP under his belt (Sin-A-Matic, The Odd Couple 'Alcohol/Ism', Misery Loves Comedy and Spork Kills 'Beaches Love US' EP) and a laundry list of collaborations with artists such as J-Zone, Jedi Mind Tricks and MF DOOM-uses a unique singer/songwriter approach to crafting rap records. With the help of long time producer/partn er in crime, J.J. Brown, louis has grown to infamy as the king of drinking anthems and quirky adult love songs. In his words, 'I do the rapping, the singing, the piano playing, the dancing and laugh making.'

Raheem Jarbo, aka Random or Mega Ran . Teacher/Rapper/Hero. People will remember Ran for his daring leap into video game remixing which led to a Capcom cosign, but Random's penchant for storytelling has impressed retro gamers while garnering respect from Hip-Hop's harshest critics. An incredible impromptu 'freestyle' MC, Random's unique combination of fantasy and introspective hip-hop has found its way into TV shows, movies, video games, and even coursework at several universities.

Tribe One, aka the Devil Rhymeosaur, is a nerdy emcee from Atlanta, GA. He has toured nationally with acts such as mc chris, Random aka Mega R an, and Adam WarRock.

Mikal kHill is the founding member of the hiphop group/artist collective The ThoughtCriminals & of NOFRIENDS Music. He is also the producer of the Browncoats Mixt ape, Slytherin Mixtape, & various other musical endeavors. Here are reviews of his last two albums from Scratched Vinyl and Shutter16.

@cecilnick is a Columbia, SC musician whose work moves between ambient/drone and hip-hop - often in the same song. It has been said that seeing him perform is to 'witnes s the devolution of a man.'

Tuesday, March 5 2013
8:39pm (doors at 8pm)

Benefit Concert for Sandy Hook Elementary

The Restoration:


Daddy Lion:

Ghost @ The Feast:


ALL AGES. sandyhookbenefit at the door.

Proceeds to benefit the United Way Sandy Hook School Support Fund

Friday, March 1 2013
9pm (doors at 8pm)

Discourage ~ Clitfit ~ Abacus

Join Discourage, Clitfit (AUSTIN,TX) and Abacus for a night of metal and punk at Conundrum Music Hall in Co lumbia, SC.

08pm: Doors
09pm: Abacus
10pm: Clitfit
11pm: Discourage

Thursday, February 28 2013
9pm (doors at 8pm)

Sing Your Song
SC Progressive Network Movie Night

Network Movie Night screens the new film "Sing Your Song", an up close look at a great American, Harry Belafonte.

A patriot to the last and a champion for worldwide human rights, Belafonte is one of the truly heroic cultural and polit ical figures of the past 60 years. Told from Harry's point of view, the film charts his life from a boy born in New York and raised in Jamaica, who returns to Harlem in his early teens where he discovers the American Negro Theater and th e magic of performing. From there the film follows Belafonte's rise from the jazz and folk clubs of Greenwich Village and Harlem to his emergence as a star. However, even as a superstar, the life of a black man in 1960s America was far f rom easy and Belafonte was confronted with the same Jim Crow laws and prejudices that every other black man, woman and child in America was facing.

See more about the movie and see a trailer here.

Free and open to the public. Snacks and beverages available for purchase.

Tuesday, February 26 2013
6pm (doors at 5:30pm)

Valley Maker ~~~ Bombadil ~~~ Amy Godwin

Valley Maker speaks to your gut and your goosebumps and to the insides of your eyelids at night. It moves you... a gorgeous pain in his voice...

Bombadil "Obtuse but melodic indie-folk-pop with a flair for the fantastic" - Can You See the Sunset

"...often sounds like a college glee club covering The Village Green Preservation Society: The melodies are chipper, the hooks prominent, the performances energetic, the arrangements full to bursting with ideas." - Paste Magazine

Amy Godwin plays acoustic dreamy folk harmonies with a ukelele.

Saturday, February 23, 2013
9pm (doors at 8pm)

Mountains ~~~ PAN ~~~ Braindead

Mountains' music is defined by slow builds, and subtle transformations, textures and melodic lines that evolve in a variety of ways to create grand soundscape s and acutely detailed compositions. Based at the innovative Thrill Jockey label, Mountains encompass everything from the analog electronic sound of Air Museum, to the gentle warmth and improvised grandeur of Choral. Mountains are utterl y singular in their ability to combine such varied and complex sources into such delicately detailed songs of perceived simple pastoral ambience.

Seamlessly blending contemplative, anthemic songwriting with pop accessibility, PAN writes epic, instrumental music that aims to transcend the post-rock genre. Thundero us guitars collide with percussive orchestral swells creating a memorable soundtrack for the young and young-at-heart.

Braindead is a dynamic instrumental trio based out of columbia, sc. Their spaced out chaos, interwoven between floating and often improvised ambience, is directly influenced by the next generation and the cosmos. Hail Sagan.

Friday, February 22 2013
9pm (doors at 8pm)

Tatsuya Nakatani ~~~ bigSphinx

Textural percussionist Tatsuya Nakatani was born and raised in Osaka-Japan. He currently resides in Easton, PA.

He has been recognized as a Percussionist/Drummer, performing and touring all over the world for international Creative Music festivals and New Music festivals. He has published over sixty CD recordings in the USA and Europe. He has been performing SOLO percussion for the majority of his musical career since the late 1990s. These include countless SOLO shows, all over the USA and overseas- small or large audiences, any age, and any type of venue. He has taught as a guest Master Class Artist for a number of Universities, also giving workshops and lectures.

bigSphinx, a solo project of mr. Tom Law, will present a short set of laptop/synth improv.

Sunday, Feburary 17 2013
8pm (doors at 7pm)

bigSphinx Productions production


Dear Blanca is releasing a record and the release show will feature some our favorite musical acts:


In addition to this there will be an art show put together by our good friend Garet Bullard featuring artwork by Garet Bullard, Karah Kummer, Irving Juramillo, Julie Gorcesky, and Alex Benjamin.


We couldn't be more excited about this and we hope you'll come out and have a most excellent time with us!

Saturday, February 16 2013
9pm (doors at 8pm)

Gnarwhal ~ Nameless Cults ~ Abacus ~ Sein zum Tode

Disgustingly awesome Gnarwhal and their equally disgusting cohorts Nameless Cults swing through the southeast. Columbia locals Abacus and Sein zum Tode providing hospitality. All the bands are pretty weird/amazing. Cop a feel... for five bucks.

Complete tour dates for Gnarwhal and Nameless Cults downstairs...

Those partly responsible...

Monday, Feburary 11 2013
8pm (doors at 7pm)

The Suffering Grasses

Iara Lee's hour long documentary seeks to explore the Syrian conflict through the humanity of the civilians who have been killed, abused, and displaced. Followed by discussion. 'When the elephants fight, it is the grass that suffers,' according to an old saying.

Open to the public.

Light food donated by Al-Amir starting @ 5:30PM.

Donation benefiting Syrian refugee relief requested.

Preceded by Carolina Peace monthly Peace Committee meeting at 5PM.

Event sponsored by Carolina Peace Resource Center

Sunday, February 10 2013
6pm (doors at 5:30pm)

Stuart Davis

Stuart Davis hasn't quit his day job. He's still a full-time performing songwriter.

Davis, a practicing Zen Buddhist, is just a bit more hyphenated these days; he's become a Musician-Director-Comedian-Author. With 15 albums to his credit and guest appearances on NPR and syndicated radio's 'Coast to Coast Live,' music is still his main squeeze, and his irreverent TV show, Sex God, Rock 'n Roll brought Stuart's down to earth wit and irreverent humor - a mainstay of his live shows - to a larger audience. His latest release, Music For Mortals, out now on SDM, is proof; the melodies are catchy and instantly memorable, intelligent songwriting in the vein of Joe Jackson, Elvis Costello, XTC, and - being a Minnesota native - Bob Dylan. USA Today just selected 'Not Another Lifetime' for their Playlist, saying, 'the versatile, sonically inventive singer/songwriter is at his most wickedly playful on this track from Music for Mortals.'

After the success of the album's first single, 'Beautiful Place,' Davis has just released the follow-up, 'They're Already Here,' to radio and will be premiering the video for the track soon.

Recorded at Henson Studios in Hollywood, Music for Mortals explores themes of spiritual awakening, death, and the mess of being Human. Davis wrote most of the songs over the last year of his father's life, the music served to guide him through that dark time.

'It was brutal gift, letting go of my dad,' Davis says. 'It pulled me closer to everything -- darkness, impermanence -- but also profound love. His death moved through us like a mysterious storm. I kept sifting through the debris, and finding songs.'

Friday, February 8 2013
9pm (doors at 8pm)

V-DAY Speak Out: Break the Silence, End the Violence

Come enjoy a night of music, readings, storytelling, and speaking out at V-Day's open mic night at Conundrum Music Hall!

All artists, writers, musicians, and other community members will be invited to take the stage at "V-Day Speak Out: Break the Silence, End the Violence" on Thurs., Feb. 7. We welcome everyone who has a song to sing/play, some spoken word to deliver, a story to share, or anything else you'd like--the sky's the limit!

We're hosting this event in support of raising awareness of sexual and domestic violence, so we especially invite artistic expressions that respond to those issues. However, yous're welcome to respond to those themes creatively, using them as a launching point or a place to start brainstorming.

Doors open at 7:00, open mic begins at 8:00!

Admission is free, but donations will be accepted for Sexual Trauma Services of the Midlands ( Tickets for The Vagina Monologues will also be on sale.

We hope you'll join us for an empowering, healing evening of speaking out, fighting back, celebrating the arts, and building community!


Did you know....?

Every 9 seconds in the US a woman is assaulted or beaten.

Around the world, at least one in every three women has been beaten, coerced into sex or otherwise abused during her lifetime. Most often, the abuser is a member of her own family.

Domestic violence is the leading cause of injury to women - more than car accidents, muggings, and rapes combined.

Studies suggest that up to 10 million children witness some form of domestic violence annually.

Nearly 1 in 5 teenage girls who have been in a relationship said a boyfriend threatened violence or self-harm if presented with a breakup.

Everyday in the US, more than three women are murdered by their husbands or boyfriends.

Ninety-two percent of women surveyed listed reducing domestic violence and sexual assault as their top concern.
Domestic violence victims lose nearly 8 million days of paid work per year in the US alone - the equivalent of 32,000 full-time jobs.

Based on reports from 10 countries, between 55 percent and 95 percent of women who had been physically abused by their partners had never contacted non-governmental organizations, shelters, or the police for help.

The costs of intimate partner violence in the US alone exceed .8 billion per year: .1 billion are for direct medical and health care services, while productivity losses account for nearly vday.8 billion.

Men who as children witnessed their parents' domestic violence were twice as likely to abuse their own wives than sons of nonviolent parents.

One out of fourteen men has been physically assaulted by a current or former spouse, cohabitating partner, boyfriend/girlfriend or date at some point in their lives.

It is estimated that 835,000 men are physically assaulted by an intimate partner annually.

It's time to speak up! Break the silence, end the violence!

Thursday, February 7 2013
8pm (doors at 7pm)
Free, but donations accepted

Heyrocco ~~~ The Mobros ~~~ Filth Fuxers

8:30 - Filth Fuxers

9:30 - The Mobros

10:30 - Heyrocco

11:30 Grab some shirts //cd's // xoxo's && go home girrl!

This is going to a very special show and a great line-up.
Heyrocco sez "we hope to see lots of you cuties in the crowd and cola town show us what you got!"

Saturday, February 2 2013
8:30pm (doors at 8pm)

Jackaroe ~~~ Sanctuary ~~~ Pocket Buddha

Friday, February 1 2013
9pm (doors at 8pm)

Chris Bell ~~~ Post-Timey String Band ~~~ Stagbriar

Chris Bell attacks the cello, in a style that would make most Suzuki students cringe. Focusing less on the bow and more on turning it into a band, he squeezes every sound out of the instrument. Pounding drums, growling jazz bass-lines, nimble finger tapping and even a glass guitar slide for a couple dirty blues licks punctuate his diverse live show.

Christopher Bell gained national acclaim for utilizing unique modes of transportation to tour, including canoeing the Erie Canal, biking from upstate New York to Chicago, and walking across Massachusetts. The prolific young artist currently resides in Jamestown, New York, where he runs Silent Home Records a recording studio and record label.

Post-Timey String Band: Banjos, Guitars, Bass, Kazoos and Singing. Shake and served chilled.

Stagbriar is brother/sister duo Alex & Emily McCollum; from Columbia, SC.

Tuesday, January 29 2013
8pm (doors at 7pm)

Carey Murdock ~~~ Tyler Boone

Carey Murdock releases a new album produced by Needtobreathe and Crowfield producer Rick Beato.

Tyler Boone also performs!

Music starts promptly at 8pm!!

All Ages show.

Saturday, January 26 2013
8pm (doors at 7pm)

Outside World ~~~ Roomdance ~~~ Kino

Outside World
Guitar, Vox: Ben Scott
Bass, Vox: Hazel Rigby
Evan Jenkins: Drums

Roomdance: \We are Man and His Machine //We are Wired Lovers' Dreams \\We are Serial Digital Trust ////We are Undying Nova Dust \\\We are Sounds and Speaking Souls //////We are Insides and Making Folds

Kino is a solo project of mr. W. Evan May

Thursday, January 24 2013
9:30pm (doors at 9:00pm)


"... Lyrics and vocal harmonies emerge out of sparse pointillistic textures. Steady rhythms clang against frenzied un-pitched saxophones; juxtapositions abound. It is eloquently articulated absurdity.

As improvisors, each of these musicians is developing sonic vocabularies and musical tendencies unique to themselves. Alto saxophonist Nathaniel Morgan employs various preparations in order to create his array of sounds; among these are a scotch-taped mouthpiece that, when applied to his horn, results in subtle and unusual multi-phonics. Drummer Booker Stardrum and guitarist Owen Stewart-Robertson both use contact microphones to attain scratchy low-fi effects. Weston Minessali's analogue synthesizer allows him to create wobbly sub-bass, piercing squeals, and everything in between." - Dustin Carlson album review

Saturday, January 19 2013
9pm (doors at 8pm)


written and directed by Aaron Wyrd
cinematography by OK Keyes
music by Chris Johnson

starring: Jeffrey Earl, Lloyd Kimpton, Mary Tilden, and more...

Two aesthetic detectives are hot on the trail of a mysterious figure known as the Third Eye Man.

After the film, Bellhop Collective will perform related readings accompanied by an improvisation on various instruments featured in the film's soundtrack.

Friday, January 18 2013
9pm (doors at 8pm)
$3 to 5 suggested donation (but not required!)

Jphono1 ~~~ Let's Go, Coyote! ~~~ People Person

The image of an astronaut on a horse has about become synonymous with John Harrison, the songwriting force behind Chapel Hill's band North Elementary and now also solo project Jphono1 . It's an image that really makes no sense, but then makes total sense when you get to know John Harrison as a songwriter. An astronaut loves space and has great confidence to explore unknown territory using technology and physics to guide. Cowboys are grounded, earthy, and gritty. Both revel in the exploration of something novel and their freedom to keep on for that next discovery, both like Harrison's songwriting, journeying you to the far-reaches while keeping you firmly grounded in familiar ease.

Let's Go, Coyote! is Patrick Wall, with acoustic guitars + electric guitars + amps + miscellaneous percussion + sometimes drums.

People Person is Jessica Oliver's (from Can't Kids) beautiful and wonderful lo-fi, drone-pop solo-project.

Thursday, January 17 2013
9pm (doors at 8pm)

Who is Harry Nilsson (And Why Is Everybody Talking About Him)?

Please join us for another very special Monday Night Music Documentary at Conundrum Music Hall! FREE ADMISSION!

Who is Harry Nilsson (And Why Is Everybody Talkin' About Him)? is a wildly entertaining, star-studded documentary that tells the story of one of the most talented and versatile singer-songwriters in pop music history and the man The Beatles dubbed their favorite American musician. The Grammy Award-winners Everybody's Talkin and Without You ... the quirky Coconut ( Put de lime in de coconut... )... the whimsical Me And My Arrow, and the poignant One ( the loneliest number )... these recordings are all the work of Harry Nilsson. The documentary, which Ain't It Cool News said, is everything a great documentary needs to be, reveals his spirited relationship with John Lennon and close bond with Ringo Starr, as well as Harry the legendary bad boy party animal who was at the same time a devoted husband and father. Director John Scheinfeld brings added emotion and intimacy to the story with over 50 Nilsson recordings, rare or never-before-seen film clips, home movies and personal photos. To this are added compelling interviews with top music and movie personalities who knew Harry well. They include Micky Dolenz, Terry Gilliam, Eric Idle, Al Kooper, Randy Newman, Yoko Ono, Van Dyke Parks, The Smothers Brothers, Jimmy Webb, Paul Williams, Robin Williams, Brian Wilson and many others. As film critic Leonard Maltin noted, Who Is Harry Nilsson? is a vivid portrait of a gifted man...what a great reminder of his talent.

Cartoons at 7pm, Harry Nilsson film starts 7:30pm. Drinks and snacks available.

Monday, January 14 2013
7pm (doors at 6:30)

Daniel Bachman ~~~
Ian McColm

In the last decade or so, it's been invigorating to watch new developments in the American Primitive style of acoustic guitar, as it finds new voices and revives its progenitors. Enough time has passed since the first Imaginational Anthem and By the Fruits You Shall Know the Roots compilations to influence a younger crop of guitarists.
The long-form pastoral works of Cian Nugent, the ghostly Appalachian music of Sam Moss and Daniel Bachman 's Copperhead all find early-twentysomethings furthering and redefining this music. More than his compatriots, Bachman inherits a hefty but important lineage at 22, but it wouldn't be right to mention it until you've heard 'Copperhead'.

Ian McColm is a drummer, guitarist, and composer from Alexandria, VA. Aside from his work with ambient guitar duo Nagual, he has appeared on releases from Feeding Tube and Marmara Records and shared stages and bills with likes of Rufus Reid, Aaron Dilloway, Chris Corsano, Robert Turman, Home of Easy Credit, MV/EE, Ben Greenberg, and Sylvaine Helary. In fall of 2012, Ian was featured on two new releases: Leminiscate Duo, with Washington, D.C. drone artist Chris Videll, and the Nagual/Katie Buono collaboration.

Sunday, January 13 2013
8pm (doors at 7pm)

a bigSphinx Productions production

Darkminster ~~~ bigSphinx

Darkminster is a Brooklyn-based trio of horn players (Nathaniel Morgan, Peter Hanson, and Brad Henkel) utilizing mostly extended techniques, which presents itself in the format of staged performance art- this includes lighting, costumes (the 3 of them perform wearing a single, purple cape) tape music, text, vocals and narratives. At times serious, and at others absurd.

bigSphinx, a solo project of Mr. Tom Law, presents a li'l bit of laptop/synth improv.

Thursday, January 10 2013
9pm (doors at 8pm)

Sinners & Saints ~~~
Post Timey String Band ~~~
Lost Wages

Sinners & Saints play foot stompin', shit kickin', whiskey drinkin', sweet lovin' music.

Post Timey String Band is a duo that creates an eclectic mix of ragtime, folk, blues, and soul with the aid of a banjo, bass, guitars and voice... And Kazoos... We like kazoos...

Lost Wages:
L is for our LOVE of music and also drinking.
O is for that ONE time you thought, I'm not doing anything. I could be in a rock band.
S is for SOMETIMES we sound okay.
T is for i TAKE that back. we sound good all the time
W is for WHISKEY. and yes please.
A is for ADULTERY in the Scarlet Letter.
G is for GOOD times. Which is a show we didn't really watch and also what we strive for.
E is for the ELECTRIC Slide. Which you can do to all of our songs, if you just adjust your dancing speed.
S is for SURE we can hang out. What time? Also, you buy beer.

Saturday, January 5 2013
9pm (doors at 8pm)

256-ToGo Presents...
The Mike Dillon Band ~~~ Dr. Roundhouse ~~~ Circus McGurkus

The Mike Dillon Band: On stage, Dillon is a powerful force, with boundless energy that hails a punk rock/hardcore edge and the seamless ability to play multiple percussive instruments at once. For nearly three decades, fans have been draw to Dillon's organic style, creative musicianship and the way his music never fails to stir the crowd into a big dance party from start to finish. After taking a brief hiatus from solo projects, Dillon is back at the helm with his latest quartet, The Mike Dillon Band, which delivers a cache of his new songs, infuses fresh life into his classics, and features Mike Dillon (vibraphone, percussion, lead vocals), Adam Gertner (drums), Cliff Hines (guitar, bass and keyboards) and Carly Meyers (trombone, vocals), whose raw talent, enthusiasm and infectious dance moves have created quite a stir among music goers in the past year.

Dr. Roundhouse started as an acoustic duo, DNR, that rocked the Columbia music scene. They rocked it hard. Frontmen, Jon and Russell, perfected their original compositions in this early carnation of the band. The duo added Nate Poston to the mix, bringing what is sometimes referred to as the heat. The bass guitar addition led the group to Nick McGill. Despite lacking in the height department, the band felt that he may be the drummer for them. While barely visible to the eye, his presence is more than audible. The group now cobbles shoes and makes custard pies. Also they rock. They rock hard.

Circus McGurkus is made up of Allen 'Allen' Larion on the drums, Mike 'Goat' Hill slapping the bass, Elliot 'Smith' Venotti playing the electric guitar, Zark 'Mark' Malesiak on percussion, and Todd 'ayShow' Walton on the keys. **Those nicknames were just made up. We also all dabble in auxiliary vocals and auxiliary knock-knock jokes. But less about the band and more about the music. A Circus McGurkis show is a night at the carnival, we are a wild ass band pioneering the genre of Circusychedelia. Be warned. Circusychedelia. We will yak super funk and sex jazz directly in your face like the deranged clowns we are. We take no prisoners and will bite off your ear Mike Tyson style.

Thursday, January 3 2013
9pm (doors at 8pm)

Filth Fuxers ~ Four AM Friends ~ Gravitron ~ Harlem Downtrotters

Tuesday, January 1 2013
9pm (doors @ 8pm)