Press Release
October 12, 2009

CHEER-ACCIDENT at Hunter/Gatherer, October 26

bigSphinx Productions is tickled pink to announce its upcoming presentation of CHEER-ACCIDENT, at Hunter/Gatherer on October 26.

Although CHEER-ACCIDENT came to exist in 1981, they were christened while future founder Thymme Jones was still in high school, browsing a Hallmark giftcard display. Since then, the band has evolved thru six distinct lineups, always with jones at the helm. Earlier this year they released their 16th album, Fear Draws Misfortune.

Legendary yet reclusive, CHEER-ACCIDENT is venturing forth on a brief 4-city tour, visiting New York City, Philadelphia, Baltimore, and Columbia before returning to their mysterious hideout in Chicago. Their current embodiment is that of a quintet: Jeff Libersher on guitar, vocals, trumpet; Alex Perkolup on bass; Thymme Jones on drums, vocals, trumpet; Carmen Armillas on vocals; and D. Bayne on keyboards. (Check it out... two of them play trumpet! I've seen it happen!)

Their music is rich with whimsical humor, and their connections and influences range far and wide... from Flying Luttenbachers, U.S. Maple, and Sleepytime Gorilla Museum, to Kate Bush, XTC, and Robert Wyatt. Monica Kendrick of the Chicago Reader says "if you’ve ever loved Magma’s apocalypticisms, Neu!’s ghosts in the machine, or Beefheart’s Dada boogie—or at least dreamed of watching the Mormon Tabernacle Choir fall down a very long flight of stairs— it might be for you."

The concert is scheduled to commence at 10:00 PM, and tickets will be sold at the door for $5. Attendance is mandatory. Hunter/Gatherer is situated at the corner of College and South Main. Further information can be obtained on the World Wide Web at and, or by using a telephone to dial (803) 957-5565.


bigSphinx Productions is an informal organization dedicated to the presentation of challenging and unusual music in the Midlands area. Sometimes we make it ourselves; sometimes we get somebody else to make it. Concerts we have presented in the past include Sleepytime Gorilla Museum, Ahleuchatistas, Zevious, and Gutbucket.