Shane Perlowin & Gyan Riley

Tapp's Arts Center
May 26 2011

bigSphinx Productions is pleased to announce an evening of acoustic guitar by Shane Perlowin and Gyan Riley on Thursday, May 26. Each guitarist will perform a solo set, and then the two will collaboratively improvise during a 3rd set.
Shane Perlowin, based in Asheville, North Carolina, is well-known to Columbia audiences for his avant-noise-rock project Ahleuchatistas, as well as a solo performance at the White Mule and a recent all-improv show at the 701 Center for the Contemporary Arts with trumpeter Jacob Wick. Shane is a voraciously eclectic guitarist, composer and improviser. Nobody knows what he's going to do next.
Gyan Riley has garnered extraordinarily enthusiastic reception for his performances and recordings of guitar music. Amongst the varied settings in which he's been heard are ensembles led by his father, the legendary early minimalist composer Terry Riley. Gyan's diverse body of work embraces original compositions, contemporary classical repertoire, and improvisation. As a composer, Riley's style brings together elements of virtuosic classical guitar, Indian raga, jazz, flamenco, and American fingerpicking.
The doors will be flung open at 6:00pm, and the music will commence at 7pm. Tickets will be sold at the door for a mere $8. As always, attendance is mandatory. This concert will take place at the Tapp's Arts Center, which is situated at 1644 Main Street in Columbia.

Further information can be obtained on the World Wide Web at or, or by using a telephone to dial (803) 957-5565.

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