Sleepytime Gorilla Museum & Shaking Ray Levis @ Sudworks, April 26

9:00PM, April 26, 2009              (it's a school night, so we're starting right at 9!)

Sudworks      2020 Devine St      Columbia, SC

$10 advance, $12 at door
April 25: I just learned that there is apparently some conflict between my ISP and Paypal, so the "Buy Now" button will not work.
No time to fix it now, so please call (803) 957-5565, and I'll put you on the "tried to order online" list, so you'll just pay $10.
Or, use (though you'll end up paying $12/ticket anyhow.)
VERY sorry for any inconvenience!
- bigSphinx Productions

dennis palmer
bob stagner
killick hinds

freely improvised
oldtime avant-hillbilly

angular analog synths
pandemonious percussion

Dan Rathbun    Nils Frykdahl    Michael Mellender
Matthias Bossi    Carla Kihlstedt

Experimental Metal?      Avant-Prog?         Rock Against Rock!

Violin    Electric Guitars    Slide-Piano Log
Electric Pancreas    Bass    Viking Rowboat
Drums    Mouths

more info:      (803) 957-5565

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The Official Press Release

March 23, 2009

bigSphinx Productions is giddy with excitement, as it announces its upcoming presentation of both Sleepytime Gorilla Museum AND the Shaking Ray Levis on Sunday, April 26. All South Carolinians with adventurous ears are urged to attend this concert.

This will be Sleepytime Gorilla Museum's only appearance in the Carolinas on this tour, and their first visit to Columbia since 2005. In the meantime, they have toured Europe twice, and released the cd In Glorious Times. And two Sleepytimers, Nils Frykdahl and Carla Kihlstedt, performed here in 2008 with their bands Faun Fables and 2 Foot Yard, respectively.

Sleepytime's music has been described as "experimental metal" and "avant-prog". They call it "rock against rock". In addition to violin, guitars, and percussion, they also feature such homemade instruments as the Slide-piano Log, the Percussion Guitar, the Electric Pancreas, the Vatican, the Pedal-action Wiggler, and the Viking Rowboat.

The elusive Shaking Ray Levi has never been spotted in South Carolina, even though its native habitat is not very far away at all, in the woodland areas around Chattanooga, TN. It performs mostly freely improvised music, featuring angular analog synth melodies and spontaneous lyrics by Dennis Palmer; pandemonious percussion by Bob Stagner; and various thuds and warbles from the Big Red, a possibly imaginary instrument with 150 strings, played by Killick Hinds.

The Shaking Rays have recorded albums with legendary British guitarist Derek Bailey, folk artist the Rev. Howard Finster, and many others.

The show will begin precisely at 9:00, since it's a school night. It will occur at Sudworks (formerly 5 Points Pub), on 2020 Devine Street. Tickets are $10 in advance, $12 at the door; and may be purchased online.

Further information and ticket reservations can be found on the World Wide Web at,, and; or by using a telephone to dial (803) 957-5565.