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Columbia Drum Mafia #15!

The Columbia Drum Mafia is all about drums and drummers. We discuss the art of playing and technique. We talk about equipment and gigs. We share our ideas and dreams, big and small. The Drum Mafia is now brothers to Carolina Drummers, Upstate Drummers and Drummers United. We are sponsored enough to give away a good bit of free stuff each month--Brian Geiger.

The Clinics scheduled for this month are:

  • Sims music is giving away tickets to see Keith Carlock. Keith will be at Sims Music Tuesday Dec 2, 2014. (drummer for John Mayer, Steely Dan, James Taylor, Faith Hill, Harry Belafonte to name a few)
  • Todd Dipner from Rocket Boom Drums is bringing custom hand crafted stave shell drum, for all us to try out.
  • James Kyle Smith has 37 years of experience in drumming and in the day to day music business. He will be discussing his role in the Root Doctors (28 years) as a recording drummer and as a co-manager in the band. Be on the lookout for the Root Doctors fourth album. (
  • Tony Lee is giving us a clinic on triplets, triplet groove and uses in fills. With some examples from John Bonham and other great drummers. After traveling the world with bands like Treadmill Trackstar, Tony now owns one of the three Freeway Music Schools ( Check out the Tony Lee Group (
Following these three clinics is an open jam until midnight. Anyone is welcome to participate. Kits will be supplied for all to play. We'll play with a click track and with original backing tracks recorded by Paul Hale. Please bring your own sticks and headphones.

Wednesday, November 19 2014
7pm to midnight

She Returns from War ~~~ Post-Timey String Band ~~~ Falling Off A Building

She Returns From War will release their Self-Titled EP on 10 Foot Woody Records and are celebrating at the Conundrum Music Hall in Columbia.

Joining them are local bands falling off a building and The Post-Timey String Band

Thursday, November 20 2014
8:30 (doors at 8:00)

The Makeshifts ~~~ The Tommy Gunn ~~~ Semicasual

Friday, November 21 2014
9pm (doors at 8:30pm)
$5 21+ / $8 <21

17th Native American Indian Film & Video Festival of the Southeast Community

Sunday, November 23 2014
Noon to 9pm

Bombadil ~~~ Stefanie Santana ~~~
Kappa Alpha

Bombadil's last album was almost its swan song. The quartet of singers, songwriters and multi-instrumentalists -- Stuart Robinson, Daniel Michalak, Bryan Rahija and James Phillips -- recorded All That the Rain Promises in ten days, while living in a barn in Oregon. The barn was so cold, they had to warm their hands by a wood-burning stove between takes. The album's sparkling blend of folk, rock and gentle psychedlia earned rave reviews, but Michalak's continuing hand problems made the future look grim. He'd developed a case of neural tension that made playing and driving painful. They toured sporadically and were't sure about the future of the band.

Happily, a regimen of relaxation and stretching exercises has Michalak's pain under control, and the band is rebuilding its momentum. They spent most of 2012 touring and recording the songs that became Metrics of Affection. The album is their most melodic and adventurous outing yet, a cornucopia of styles marked by mischievously surrealistic lyrics and their familiar lush harmonies. Their inventive arrangements add funk, country, boogie woogie, rap, early rock and hints classic pop songwriting, circa 1940, to their already eclectic sound.

Stefanie Santana recorded "I Admit I am Glad" with Harper Marchman-Jones in Charleston during the summer and fall of 2013. Her Bandcamp says that the album includes "almost every song I've ever written". Santana's voice is silky smooth paired with a baritone ukulele that she completely owns playing several different ways throughout. Lyrically the album is cathartic staying close to home and relatable like an open book to her youth and coming of age experiences. Stylistically the songs sway from track to track with a different vibe, each song accented by changes of pace like a front porch conversation. Sometimes fast and excited and the next laid back and reminiscent.
- SC Scene

Kappa Alpha is a project of Mr. William Busbee and Mr. Adam Cullum.

Thursday, December 4 2014
8pm (doors at 7:30pm)
$5 at the door or RIGHT HERE