Tom Law - BigSphinx



Maeve Schallert is a sound artist, improviser, and electronic musician exploring the nuances of interaction, communication and the self and other through sound. based in Kingston, NY. They are exploring the extremities of both the violin and fruit wines.

Zoots Houston is an improviser of various sorts. He works primarily with misuse and perversion of objects and systems. Virtuosity, volatility, futility, and capability are thought of. Zoots currently lives, works, and plays in Kingston, NY

Al Margolis has been working under the musical pseudonym If, Bwana since New Year's Day 1984. The moniker is an acronym for "It's Funny, But We Are Not Amused." He has since earned an international reputation for his experimental noise music.

Tom Law is a composer/improviser from Saugerties NY who performs laptop-based electroacoustic music. He also curates a series of concerts at Opus 40 sculpture park that range from early music to avant pop.

Tickets and more info available here.


another collaboration with Craig Chin, this time with viola da gamba

Video by Sandy Ewen

OCCUPANTS at Tapp's Department Store, probably 2017

a collaboration with composer/recordist/guitarist Craig Chin


more bigSphinx noises over the years

Sudden Noises

experiments with
radio, wiimotes, and synth.
abrasive and shifty.

Fine Ideas

mostly poem settings.
featuring the lyrical articulations
of Mr. Ben Van Wyke


this is definitely the smoothest and most melodic music
I've ever written.
I don't know WHAT got into me.

A Bean For Pythagoras

music for modern dancing.
also a few improvs with
saxophonist Steve Silverstein

Tape Music

created on steam-powered tape decks,
way back before you were born